Broadband Internet Plan Options For Business

There are several Internet options you can choose from for your business. One of the least expensive Internet options that many businesses, especially smaller businesses, use is broadband Internet service. If you have used broadband before, you may not think it is fast enough to use for a business, but business broadband service offer different speeds.

Broadband Internet Plan Options For Business

What Is Broadband Service?

Broadband is a type of high-speed Internet connection. It is available in four different forms:

  • Satellite
  • Cable
  • Digital Subscriber Line, DSL
  • Fibre-Optic

When you are looking for an Internet service for your business, most companies will inform you of what is available in your area. If your company is located in the city, then you will have more plan options. Those located in a more rural area will often just have one or two options available to them.

Broadband Plans

Some broadband connections offer very high Internet speeds, but you will often pay more for them. You will need to assess how your business uses the Internet to determine the best Internet speed for your company and prevent you from having to pay for more than you need. Broadband Internet speed choices in Australia are as follows:

  • ADSL
  • ADSL2+
  • National Broadband Network
  • Naked DSL


This acronym stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line and is a broadband Internet connection that transmits data over regular telephone lines. This is one of the most commonly subscribed to Internet plans in Australia. The speed for ADSL is around 8Mbps.


Like its predecessor, ADSL2+ is a broadband Internet service that transmits through your regular telephone lines. However, it uses more advanced technology, which helps make the transmission speeds faster. ADSL2+ offers speeds up to 24Mbps. Even though it is much faster, this service is usually less expensive than ADSL because more companies offer this plan.

National Broadband Network

This service will help provide all of Australia with super-fast Internet service because it uses fibre-optic technology. The network is being built by the federal government. The download speeds will be as fast as 100Mbps.


Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber Lines offer high-speed Internet service through your regular landlines, just as ADSL does. However, it is faster than a modem and it was created to help enhance other DSL services.

Naked DSL

This is a broadband service that offers Internet connections through a landline, but without the additional price of telephone service. In order words, the landline is only used for the Internet and any voice calls made are offered through a VoIP telephone service.

You can get help choosing which Spintel broadband service plan is best for your company’s needs based on how the service will be used and where your business is located.

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