Would HTC One M10 Attain Dramatic Success?

Do you think that would HTC One M10 attain dramatic success? We tell you certainly it would, the main reason to say this is that it hails from the most prestigious HTC One series. In fact HTC has rocked throughout the world due to its stunning looks and sparkling features. We know that you are very curious to more in this context. If you surf the virtual pool you might get many articles related to this, but again how would you ascertain the degree of truth in them?

HTC One M10

Through this page we have endeavoured to bring the most probable features of it in front of readers. Our objective is to help the readers make prudent buying choices. Many rumours and speculations are made by the people about this handset. According to some people it might be released in the beginning of 2016, in March or April. You may be surprised to know that a new name is suggested forHTC One M10, which could be HTC Two. People are saying that the new name is suggested by HTC as it doesn’t want it to be compared with the bad performance by the previous model, HTC One M9.

In fact the chairwoman of HTC was very sorry for the failure of HTC One M9. She has pledged to never let it happen again and also vowed to compensate the losses by making a distinguishing handset. So we can expect to find a very advanced and innovative model, HTC One M10. You might be thinking that what would be the cost of such an awesome model. Let us tell you that it’s almost impossible to know the exact cost of the product before its release. We can only guess the price based on the fashion in which prices rises. The HTC One M8 was sold at 550 pound ad HTC One M9 was at 579; so it can be somewhere close to 610. HTC can bring a sharp rise in the price if and only if it gets a complete makeover.

Since the defects in HTC One M9 were thought to be due to the faulty Snapdragon 810; we can find a superb processor in HTC One M10, such as Snapdragon 820. It might also have an awesome battery of 3500mAh. The internetrumours are suggesting an aluminum waterproof unibody for this handset. Along with the 4GB RAM; it is likely to find option of internal storage to be chosen from 64 or 128 GB. No doubt the microSd slot was improved in HTC One M9, in addition to it we can also expect to find on-board storage.

We can expect a superb dual camera in it (5Mp front and 27 Mp main). It can have a 5in screen along with the 4K resolution. A Chinese report is stating that it would have 6in screen, QHD resolution and 2560×1440 displays.

We hope we were successful in our attempt to reveal the possible features of HTC One M10. For finding more updates, keep visiting.

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