Physio2fitness Offers Solutions To All Your Pain And Fitness Problems

When pain becomes a problem it can be sorted out by way of physiotherapy. Many studies have found that physiotherapy is the right tool to effectively manage and treat all sorts of pains and injuries from minor to major. When it comes to getting treatment for back pain, sports injuries, varied rheumatic diseases, including conditions such as joint replacement, work related complaints, headaches and all others in Hockley, Southend-On-Sea, Leigh-On-Sea you can expect the best results from Physio2fitness, UK’s most trusted physical rehabilitation services provider.   


The unique physiotherapy clinic with highly trained physiotherapists and experienced personal trainers in its team help restore and maintain body’s functional movement by deploying the latest techniques and tools. They specialize in pain reduction and elimination through physiotherapy techniques thereby promoting health of individuals. With additional qualifications of GYM Instructor and Personal Training the physiotherapists at the clinic assure that your health and wellbeing is never compromised.    

The qualified and experienced physiotherapists help treat the following conditions:

  •        Injuries of the spine and accompanying pain
  •        Headaches
  •        A range of sports injuries
  •        Fractures like broken arm
  •        Diagnose and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions
  •        Post surgical Rehabilitation after total knee replacement
  •        Biomechanical problems
  •        Treatment of Rhuematological conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis
  •        Arthritic conditions for example osteoarthritis
  •        Neurological disorders for example stroke

In addition to physiotherapy Physio2fitness specialize in Complementary Therapies, Personal Training and Weight Management, and Sports Massage.

Complementary Therapies

These therapies do a lot to restore body’s natural equilibrium and balance. A balanced and relaxed body can better cope up with the day to day stresses and strains of life. The clinic is offering unrivalled services in this area.  

Sports Massage

It is a deep tissue massage that promotes circulation of blood, boost range of motion, and breaks down knots in the muscles. The clinic, with qualified sports massage therapists, aid quick recovery from sports-related injuries and recovery from sports training and competition.

Personal Training and Weight Management

The personal trainers providing services at the clinic are unique in the sense that they are also certified Chartered Physiotherapists. The clinical knowledge along with expertise in personal training aids in fast restoration of good health and overall wellbeing. In the clinic people with pre-existing injuries are offered a safe and personalized personal training program. The trainers involved in the program never let you fall back on your fitness goals. They immediately diagnose your problem and start treatment facilitating your return to your exercise schedule quickly.

An amazing thing about their health and fitness program is that it doesn’t need you to have a gym membership. Training is provided at their facility free of cost. So, if you have picked up a serious injury you can look forward to the best treatment and care from trainers who are also qualified Chartered Physiotherapists. They’ll design a customized personal training program suited to your specific needs.

Anyone seeking long lasting cure of pain and injuries in Hockley, Southend-On-Sea, Leigh-On-Sea can expect to get the best treatment from Physio2fitness. The physiotherapy clinic with a team of UK’s leading Chartered Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers aid in restoring your good health with a guarantee that your problems will not return.

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