Understand The Objectives And Benefits Of SSSTS Courses London

Being a site supervisor is an extremely demanding job, demanding you to be on your toes at all times and ensuring that every task is carried out safely by the workers on the job site. It means anyone with good knowledge of health and safety hazards involved in this industry, along with the practices to safeguard others, is well suited for this job. Experience is one way of gaining this knowledge, but SSSTS courses London are a more preferred way of improving your understanding of the same.

Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme or the SSSTS courses are intended with the purpose of fulfilling following objectives:

  • Become aware of construction industry related problems
  • Understand the structure of safety law
  • Recognise their role in ensuring site safety
  • Conduct site inductions and risk assessments


The above mentioned are the prime objectives of the SSSTS course, which is especially designed to benefit current and future site supervisors and enable them to perform their job well. To further understand the significance of these courses, here are the major benefits that it has to offer on both, professional and personal levels.

  • Ensuring safety of everyone present on the job site is the first and foremost goal that SSSTS courses wish to achieve. Construction sites are full of danger, which is not restricted to workers only. Anyone present at such a site is susceptible of meeting an accident. These courses train the supervisors to not only identify various risks, but also implement safe work practices for the safety of all.


  • SSSTS courses make site supervisors competent and skilled to perform their role in a better manner and this is one aspect which can prove considerably helpful in landing their dream job. By attending SSSTS courses London you can convince the employers that you have the required expertise to carry out your job, but also meet legal requirements which the construction companies are expected to adhere to.


  • The skills one learns during SSSTS training can play a key role in job progression as well. A supervisor who has undergone this training from a reputable institution and knows the intricacies of his job can prove to be an asset for his company. This can help you not only secure the much anticipated pay rise, but also make much faster progress in your field as compared to others, who are not qualified for carrying out safety supervision. In short it can offer you great opportunities to excel in your career.


  • Lastly, these courses are planned keeping the convenience of the participants in mind and thus, are offered at multiple locations all over London and require you to take out only two days for training and test. This serves as an additional benefit as you do not have to worry about upsetting your professional life.


SSSTS courses London are usually organised by various companies with the aim of meeting legal standards in relation to health and safety provisions on the construction sites. Their short duration and flexible schedule makes it convenient for individuals to undergo training without affecting their current job and at the same time improve their future prospects.

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