Top GPS Navigation Device Companies In Australia

GPS Device i.e. Global Positioning System Device is the one that helps in receiving information from GPS satellites and calculate the geographical location of the device and in that way, assist the user in locating a position in a map or direct ways for a destination. These devices were initially built for the military and in the later stages, they were made available for the civilians.

Today, you will find personal GPS facility for automobiles, aviation, marine, outdoor and even for sports. GPS is available in the form of embedded software also which are found in the mobile phones, PCs etc. Today, GPS has been incorporated in smart watches also. Let’s have a look at the top GPS Navigation Device companies in Australia:


Navman was established in 1986 in New Zealand. Today, headquartered in London, they are offering their products and service in many countries across the globe. In 2015, they shifted their operation to Australia. They are a leading maker of the best sat nav technology in the world and manufactures independent GPS units, GPS software for mobiles, tablets and PCs, navigation systems for cars & trucks, OEM GPS modules and navigation systems to use at sea.

Navman Australia head office is located in 5 51/43 College St, Gladesville NSW 2111. For any queries regarding sales, online orders, map installation, any problem with the device or any repair work customers can contact Navman’s support centre and also can call on 1300 628 626.


Garmin Limited, established in 1989, is headquartered in the U.S. They are very popular in the GPS navigation market because of their specialized GPS products for automotive, flights, ships, outdoors & athletics. They recently expanded their horizon & started to manufacture wearable GPS Technology and hence, competing with smart-watch manufacturer Apple, Fitbit etc. Garmin controls the whole process of designing, manufacturing, marketing and warehouse processing which allows them to regulate timelines, quality and service.

This global leader in portable navigation systems and devices employ more than 11,400 associates in 50 offices across the globe. If you are facing any problem about products or having any query please contact Garmin’s customer service department. Garmin Australia head office is located in Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia. Garmin Australia contact number is 1800 235 822


TomTom NV is a Netherlands based organization that manufactures GPS enabled products. This company was established in 1991currently they have operations in 35 countries through 58 offices. They offer five categories of products which are navigation devices, in-dashboard navigation for the automotive industry, car control services, navigation software for installation on mobile devices, sports watches and action cameras.

The global leader in navigation, traffic and map products TomTom supports brands like Apple, Google with their product and also collaborates with automobile companies like Volkswagen, Kia and Fiat to incorporate sensors. TomTom Australia head office is located in Ste1/3 Richardson Pl, North Ryde NSW 2113. Their skilled customer support team is available in case of any support/ assistance. The customer help desk number of TomTom Australia is 1300 135 604

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