How To Time Contractions During Pregnancy

With the aid of baby contraction timer, it is pretty easy to understand whether you need in proceeding to the hospital or not. A stopwatch or clock could count the duration and frequency of contractions but it does not show accurate result always. In this regard a reliable tool is the need of the hour for a woman to assist in contractions. There are numerous contraction timer online which automatically does the work for you. One can download it from the internet; your count could be printed and then shared with your family as well as friends.

Using the contraction timer

The moment you do feel a tightening sensation you can press the start button. This could be felt from inside or with your hand on the belly. It does point to the starting phase of a contraction. The moment when your uterus is relaxed you can press the stop button. This process is to be repeated as the contractions continue and by this the intervals of the contractions are checked. Somewhere in the region of 6 to 8 contractions are needed to understand the length along with the frequency of the contraction.

What is the importance of contractions during the phase of labour?

When you mean contractions it does mean tightening and relaxation of the uterine muscles. They start as cramps at the back and then move towards the abdomen in a wave like pattern. At this point of time the abdomen is known to become hard.

It is pretty much difficult to understand between true contractions and the false ones. The latter is referred to as Braxton Hicks contractions and this tends to happen in the weeks leading up to child birth. Though they are regular and do vary on the intensity aspect. It may resemble to a woman that they are actually heading to labor when these form of contractions strikes them.

The most important point to consider here is progression. In comparison to the false contractions, the true ones are longer,stronger and become closer with the passage of time.  Some contractions can also arise before water breaking and you can pretty much assume that you are going to be part of regular contractions. This could be easily measured with the help of a watch or calculator to understand on how far you have progressed on the labor front.

Proceeding into the stage of labor is pretty much like an entry into period gains. The pain could range from severe to mild and you are likely to have cramps, backache or a combination of both. An acne or heaviness could be left in the lower part of your tummy as well. When it is a case of false contractions it is felt in the groin area. It does start in the back, but it is never going to proceed in the front.

If the contractions tend to arise within 3 to 4 minutes and even after lying on the left side, does not go, then it is a true one.

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