Background Information From Meredith Iler On What A Capital Fundraising Campaign Is

So just what is a capital fundraising campaign for war veterans? It is a fundraising campaign which has been organized in order to raise a major sum of money for either a building or an endowment for veteran soldiers. Nevertheless, such campaigns are generally used by non profit organizations and do require a lot of planning. But if they are planned well they can be very flourishing.

In addition, a capital fundraising campaign is an event which is narrowed down to a particular time period in order that the funds so frantically needed for an exacting project can be raised. In some instances, the campaign can be for the acquirement, building or the restoration of a building while at others times, it may be used to raise a donation for the organization for the future. Even as some organizations may categorize a capital fundraising campaign so as to purchase an expensive piece of equipment for their organization.

According to Meredith Iler, such campaigns will have both a commencement and a closing stage and will usually span several years. Such campaigns will make use of all the customary methods that are connected with fundraising from direct mail to direct solicitation. But in order for it to be carried out effectively and skilfully, lot of preparation have to be done before it begins.

There are some advantages to be had from using a capital fundraising campaign for war veterans and below are just a few.

  1. It is an effective way of raising money to fund a onetime requirement for an organization. For instance, it may be that they have to purchase a property so as to meet the requirements of the veteran community that they serve.
  2. Increased Public Awareness- During any capital fundraising campaign there will be an enormous deal of promotion going on as well as the development of efforts so as to help raise the profile and individual’s awareness of the organization in the community. Thus, these efforts will help the organization in any future fundraising activities that it may well embark on.
  3. Volunteer Involvement- These types of campaigns are very volunteers concentrated and you may well find that it entails maximum numbers of volunteers. Any good capital fundraising campaign that an organization runs will also require a post campaign plan which keeps hold of the involvement of the volunteers after the campaign has ended.

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