Third Party Advocacy And Its Power- Jack Bonner A-2-W Shares His Viewpoints

It is the general tendency of each and every brand, irrespective of the fact it is new or established to keep looking for profitable transaction within the consumer marketplace by driving the retail workforce where the major portion of the market lays. There has been several strategies already applied to achieve this specific goal, however, the most effective and proven strategy has been the development of relationships with unbiased and third party experts who have been keen to invest and also stay focused towards only achieving the goal. Now, who will be a third party for you depends completely on the industry you belong to.

Each of the third party markets bring in a level of expertise and knowledge that is not possible while being cocooned in the shelter. Here are a few reasons why Jack Bonner A-2-W believes that one must leverage on third party influencers and bring some dimension in business transaction.

  • Instant Credibility is what charms the business owners. Each and every brand irrespective of the industry they operate in wants themselves to be reliable in the market since the trust that their consumers will have is what will allow them have more and more of business in the days to come. Now, since these third party influencers hardly know about what you deal in, and how efficient are you in your own field. When they speak good about you, it definitely adds to the credibility of you as a brand and you start drawing more and more customers.
  • Whenever a new product or a service is being launched in the market, one of the keys to success is ensuring the fact that what you claim to give is what you give in real sense. It’s common for brand managers to speak about features and benefits; but how can you be the one to give verdict of your own service? When a third-party influencer speaks positively about that respective product or service, it acts as a validation in the consumer marketplace. This endorsement can be utilized in all of your marketing materials, including, POS, packaging, advertising, and many more.
  • Media is something everyone wants to be in touch with, and hence those being your third party influencer might act as a great boost to your product and service. How often do you see a brand manager being featured in those top magazine and web channels that are followed by millions? So start making some connections in the field of media, as that might help you receive the boost that you always looked forward to.
  • Social media being one of the leaders dominating all the marketing trends popular nowadays has programs that can work out with you. They can be as powerful as your brand endorsements by celebrities, believes Jack Bonner A-2-W.

Developing relationships with these third party influencers is indeed a time taking process and hence, they must be a constant process of the marketing strategies set by any brand.

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