Charles Nucci Provides Tips On How To Click Photos Like That Of A Professional

Charles being an expert photographer says that although a photo taken by professional photographer may look amazing when compared to that of an amateur photographer but there are ways available by which a photo clicked by an inexperienced person may look same like that of the professional one.

Charles Nucci talks about ways to make the photos look professional

Charles says that one of the best ways to improve photography is to learn from the professionals. He further added that it often takes several years of practice; but, as a newer photographer one will find that there are certain things that will radically improve their photography with no extra effort.

Charles Nucci has over fifteen years of experience in professional photography, and he specializes in product, advertising, as well as editorial photography. He is also the member at American Society of Media Photographers and the Photographic Artists. As a seasoned professional photographer based in San Francisco, Charles says that by adhering to the below mentioned tips even the amateur photographer can click photos like a professional:

  • In order to make a photo look interesting, it is always important to focus on lighting and capture interesting lighting. Interesting lighting means it is different from what can be seen usually and that it highlights the subject and presents it in an excellent way.
  • Another most important thing that one should consider in order to click a photo like that of a professional is that the right focal length of the lens must be selected. Moreover, one should not get too close to the subject’s face with a wide-angle lens as it may distort their features.
  • In order to take great pictures, one should take complete control of the camera. It is always recommended not to leave it in automatic mode and learn how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO will affect the photographs. For better result, one can also put the camera on the tripod. Moreover, instead of taking the same photo over and over again one should play with movement, or different elements such as windows.
  • Charles Nucci says that mood is often an overlooked aspect of photography, but he finds that it is an excellent way to learn to make a photo look more like a professional. H further added that often if one looks at professional photos, they are very often taken from non-apparent spots. For instance photographing a city from a high perspective so that the entire city can be seen.

Sharpness of the photo is an important factor to consider and there are many things that can impact the sharpness of a photo but it can be difficult to know what is actually affecting the sharpness of the photos.  Charles says that according to him the problem is typically with that of the photographer who did not get the focus quite right. So, with the right focus and by using the right kind of equipment an amateur photographer can also click a photograph like that of a professional.

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