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Whether somebody buys a new house or rents a place for staying, it is important to know the area specific details like neighbourhood, surroundings, local trends etc. Likewise, people who are planning to sell their property should have this information ready for the prospective buyer. Whether it is buying, selling or letting a property, real estate companies like Angel estate agents provide a lot of services to ease out the process. Some of such services are stated below.

Area specific details

Some estate agents gather the details of the area where the property is situated. This information is very helpful for prospective buyers. This information includes the various amenities in the neighbourhood like shopping complexes, hospitals, schools, restaurants, post-offices etc. This information influences the decision of the prospective buyers. Hence, the property dealers take extra care to keep an updated record of these details.

Recent market trend

The prices of similar properties may be very different depending on their location and locality. A property in the centre of the city will cost more than the same sized property that is located on the countryside. Many estate companies keep recent records of market prices and their escalation in different areas. This key information makes the prospective buyer realise the value of the location. Similarly, market trend will determine the average monthly rent of a property. This information keeps the agents well prepared for any questions and queries that the customers may have, thereby gaining their trust.

Providing accurate valuation

The price of a property is determined by many factors like area, location, amenities etc. Many estate agents are thus providing valuation services to their clients to know the true cost of their property. This makes sure that their clients are not cheated or duped in their dealing.

Property management services

This service, provided by estate dealers like Angel estate agents, includes a deal for rented properties by which the properties are professionally maintained. It includes general repair and up-keeping, rent management, appointment of a property manager by the agents to attend to the concerns of the tenants etc. Before a new tenant takes over the property, the estate agents perform pre-occupancy inspection and carry out any pending repairs. They look after the rent agreement, safety deposits etc. during the time that the tenants stay and perform property inspection and complete all paperwork before the tenants move out.

Round-the-clock service

Since the property owners may not be available 24×7, many estate agents offer corporate and high profile tenants a 24-hour customer service and render utmost professional care to them.

The main aim of contemporary estate agents is to offer a sense of peace to the property owner and a feeling of trust to the tenant. With the aforementioned services, many estate agencies are becoming the trusted realty partners for many clients. It is needless to say that such services keep an estate agency far ahead of its competitors who only stick to the olden ways of merely acting as middlemen for sale and purchase of property.

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