Healthy Foods Can Be Tasty

The persons, who are living in an Indian joint family, definitely know that different members of the family prefer different dishes. Particularly, during the dinner time, the elder members prefer to take simple foods like sabzi and chapati, but on the other hand, kids of the family want to eat pasta or pizza. Young generations including kids are getting addicted to pizza day by day and so the parents and elders are always worried about their particular pizza addiction, as they are made with maida (all purpose flour) and maida has various bad effects on human health. The direct effect of maida is associated with the spiking up of an individual’s sugar level as it is involved with very high glycemic index and in order to match up this spike, the pancreas has to do overwork by releasing sufficient amount of insulin. So, frequent consumption of maida can gradually reduce the insulin production and as result, diabetes can be developed.

What is Bhakhri?

Bhakhri is basically biscuit-like bread that is flavoured with cumin seeds and ghee. There are generally two types of bhakhris. The first one is cooked like a biscuit and the second one is puffed up as well as served with ghee.

Bhakri pizza

Bhakri pizza can be a substitute of this particular issue. Bhakri is flat bread that is made with wheat. It is similar to roti but somewhat coarser than a roti as well as also crispy and thick. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, it is popularly consumed in dinner times. The bhakri pizza recipe is very simple, just the base of the pizza has to be replaced with a Bhakri. The elder members of the family can consume Bhakri along with sabzi, on the other hand, the kids can have Bhakri Pizza.

Whenever you are going to make Bhakri for dinner purpose, you can make some extra Bhakris for making bhakri pizza on the next day for consuming them as snacks. It is a very quick recipe. You can make Bhakri not only just with wheat flour, but also with other flours, such as bajra, jowar and so on and by this, you can make a multigrain base for the kids of the family’s. The particular pizza can be made in the oven, but it can also be cooked on a gas top.

In this dish, Iron-rich bajra and jowar flours replace maida. These types of healthy pizza bases can be topped with a traditional tomato-based sauce. Kids will really enjoy these Bhakri pizzas. If you want to know how to make Bhakri Pizza, then you can search on the internet as various websites are associated with this particular recipe. Pizzas have become healthier with these delicious Bhakri pizzas. Choose these thin, crust, as well as crispy mini pizzas. The particular pizza base is Vegan, Dairy Free, and Eggfree.

So, it is not always true that healthy foods are not tasty, you just have to use your brain a little bit and that’s it. Now, your elder and younger family members both will be happy.

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