Audio-Visual Consulting Services By Yellow Tree Integration

Yellow Tree Integration is an active company in UK which has been successfully offering audio-visual consulting services. The company is categorised as a PLC and it is one of the well-respected competitors in the audio-visual consulting line of business. It has achieved spectacular success in no time at all.

What does the Company do?

Yellow Tree Integration is more of an audio-visual systems specialist offering system design, consulting, installation, configuration and project management service to its clients. It works with the objective of delivering top quality solutions by making use of the latest and the most advanced innovative technologies along with unparalleled workmanship for satisfying the more challenging environments. The company is successful in achieving its objective while remaining accessible to its clients. It believes in building strong relationships with the end users for ensuring maximum satisfaction with the deployment of integrated systems. Whilst being UK based, many of its clients are global companies.

Services Offered by the Company

The company possesses great knowledge, experience and expertise in helping its clients through their projects right from the initial idea and design to the supply, handover and installation. No work is outsourced to contractors. It helps in talking away the headache from its clients by working with them and helping them get solutions to the major problems that they might encounter while installing or designing video, audio, control, networking or lighting systems in refurbishments or new builds. The company can help:

  •         Home automation
  •         Home cinemas
  •         Mood lighting
  •         Wireless and wired networks
  •         Video distribution in HD
  •         Future proofing and cable designs
  •         Audio systems in multi rooms
  •         Cable infrastructure and scheduling

It works with architects, self-builders, property developers, electricians and interior designers and offers the best and superior quality audio-visual consulting services.

Main Elements of Audio Visual Consulting Services

Audio Visual technology is fast advancing and if individual do not live and breathe audio visual systems, they are unlikely to know what benefits can be achieved from these systems. The audio visual consulting services provided by the company help in ensuring what can actually be done with the audio visual systems. The main components of the audio visual consulting services provided by the company include:

  •         Detailed cabling structures for rooms and even for the connecting tools.
  •         System software elements
  •         System hardware elements like lighting, servers, speakers, controls, cables and projectors.
  •         Power point locations.

Yellow Tree Integration brings in a complete range of experts and experience helping its clients navigates specific lighting and audio-visual systems in the easiest way possible. Clients can always discuss matters and assignments with the lighting designers and the audio-visual consultants of the company in order to get the right and the most beneficial solutions. The lighting designers and the audio-visual consultants working for the company are professionals with great expertise in offering result-oriented solutions to clients within an affordable range. Paying a good price for worthy services is always great when the results are achieved in no time at all.

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