7 Best Applications For Android This Summer

In this article, we would like to tell you about the most interesting and useful apps that have caught our attention in the past month. Here you will find both new and familiar applications that have received significant updates. In addition, if you are interested how much your phone costs, you can check the cell phone value online.


Artbit works exactly the same as the popular Shazam app, but it works the world of visual art. The application allows you to define art objects, add them to your favorites, share and find interesting events. All you need to do is point your smartphone to a canvas or a sculpture and hold it still for a few seconds. Artbit will immediately show the result with a reproduction, an indication of the author and detailed information.

Yoga Monkey

Whatever goals you may set when beginning doing yoga, the Yoga Monkey app will definitely come in handy. It will introduce you to the basic poses and yoga programs in a simple and accessible way. The app provides sets of exercises each designed for its own purpose: solving a problem with overweight, fighting insomnia, mood improvement – in short, there are sets for every taste.

ADW Launcher

Back in 2011, the ADW Launcher program was one of the best skins for Android. This month, after a long pause, the developer has made a new release, which will be of interest not only to the devoted fans of the program, but also to all users without exception. The new ADW Launcher will appeal to users who like to fine-tune the appearance and the behavior of Android.

App Swap

The App Swap application is designed to launch programs fast. It is useful for those whose gadgets have a big number of applications, resulting in the fact that the standard menu becomes too cumbersome, slow and inconvenient. Through App Swap, you will not have to scroll down a very long list of installed utilities but you will immediately gain access to the desired item.


FitStar is a mobile application for devices running on Android and iOS, designed for self-fitness. It contains a large number of training complexes consisting of bodyweight exercises. Therefore, one can work out with FitStar almost anywhere: both at home and outdoors.

App Cloner

App Cloner helps you install multiple copies of the same application, and at that, it allows you to create individual settings for each of them. It may be useful for creating additional accounts on social networks, or in a messenger app, as well as for a separation of work and personal activity on your smartphone. What’s more, if you are interested in this the separation of work and personal life, you might want to get Samsung phone as it allows to create different user profiles on the system level.


Pibox is different from usual messengers in a way that in addition to the functions of personal correspondence and group chats, there is a built-in cloud storage, and the ability to conveniently share files with other users. This feature makes it ideal for sharing photos in RAW-format, sending videos from GoPro cameras and sharing joint photos with a group of friends with whom are currently travelling.

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