5 Creative DIY Tips To Reuse Your Old T-Shirt

We all have that special T-shirt we can’t do away with even though it’s quite old and needs replacement. About a few years ago, I bought a colorful red t-shirt from www.bewakoof.com which I used until the color starts fading, and I could see some holes in the shirt. Even though it’s faded, I can’t imagine throwing it away. The same thing happened to the white t-shirt and blue t-shirt I bought from www.bewakoof.com about 10 years ago.

I browse through my collection of t-shirts every year to give out the old ones which I don’t like. But ever since I learned how to reuse some of my old t-shirts for other purposes my rate of giving out reduced and I also get to keep my favorite ones. However, one needs to understand that getting your t-shirt from a reputable store like Bewakoof will guarantee the longevity of the cloth and also offer you the chance to reuse it later for another purpose.  Here are a few DIY tips that you can try at home to reuse your old t-shirt. To try out these DIY tips for reusing your t-shirt, I recommend that you start out with a bright colored red t-shirt.

  1.  Rags for use at home: Most people believe that the only two things old t-shirts are good for is to give out or turn it to a floor rag. But actually, there are other reasons you can reuse your old t-shirts. You can cut it to small piece to serve as a small towel for cleaning in the house. It can be cut to use for cleaning of dust on the TV and other electronics; you can also use it to sanitize counters. Due to its smooth surface, it won’t cause scratches when you use it to wash cars.
  2. Blankets/Coverlet: Do you have a special Levis or Provogue designer t-shirt that you don’t want to do away with? Fine you can actually turn it to brightly colored blankets. To achieve this, you need about 16 t-shirt which you have earmarked for donation and replacement. You take them and sew them together to form something larger and great. You can also check online for instructions on how to do it yourself without needing external assistance.
  3. Headbands: If you are a sports lover or fashion lover, you can make your homemade headband. You can choose any of your favorite colors such as the red t shirt or blue t-shirt, they make beautiful looking headbands. You can make a headband from your favorite t-shirt with minimal fuss. Cut the sleeves and trim it to fit the size of your head. You can also strip the shirt into several pieces and tie it on your head. It’s so easy to do as you don’t need any particular expertise to accomplish that.
  4. Handbags: Do you ever believe you could make a tote bag or ordinary purse from your old t-shirts? You could even be so enterprising that you decide to sell your products and earn extra cash. It’s much easier to make than the blanket. You can search relevant sites or watch YouTube videos on how to make bags from your t-shirts. The tutorial for this is training free, and the benefits you get from it are numerous.
  5. Pillows: This is one of my favorite reasons why I make use of my old tees for other things. You can make pillows from it and stuff other clothes as well as foam into it. Pillows of different colors can be made depending on your t-shirt color. However, you will need a needle and thread and also have sufficient knowledge on how to make use of it in sewing.

There are other ways you can reuse your t-shirt to create something new and unique. Most of these tips do not require any unique skills, all it needs is the ability to learn and follow instructions strictly. They can all be done in the comfort of your home with minimal supervision and assistance. With these tips, you will no longer throw away that t-shirt, and you can always keep your favorite t-shirt within your home.

The importance of quality designers t-shirt such as the ones you get from Bewakoof cannot be overemphasized as it guarantees a durable t-shirt for reuse even after many years. Therefore, the best favor you can do to yourself is to be creative with your old t-shirts and make something unique from them.

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