Types Of Computer Memory

On a random web search, it is quite common that most of the people save an image, picture or anything they like just by selecting ‘save as’ by making a right click on the mouse. But have you ever thought where these images or pictures go and get saved? And how does it reappear when you next time turns on the computer. Everything saved on the computer is kept safe and unaffected even when you shut down the computer. Here comes the importance of computer memory. Here are some important factors about computer memory that really worth for you.

Computer memory

There are mainly two types of computer memory called primary and secondary memory. There are several devices comes under secondary memory including hard drive, optical disc, floppy disk, magnetic tape, flash disc and more. But primary memory is more important for any of the computer for immediate and instant access of data by the processor. It contains two important types of memories called RAM and ROM. Even though these words are so familiar with most of the computer users, still a good portion of like to know about the difference between ram and rom. Here is the difference between RAM and ROM.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is the memory unit within the computer systems. It stores data on a temporary basis to helps processor in prompt access of data whenever needed. This is a volatile memory since it erases all the data once the supply to the storage device stops. The information stored on the RAM is generally loaded from the hard disk of the computer and it can include data connected with the operating system and certain other applications. Processor randomly accesses the data that are randomly stored on RAM. The RAM completely loses all of the stored data and information with the shutdown of the system. The two important forms of RAM are Static RAM (SRM) and Dynamic RAM (DRAM).

ROM (Read Only Memory)

When RAM acts as a temporary storage unit, ROM makes permanent storage unit of the computer. The power supply is not a problem for ROM to store the information. It is an active storage unit irrespective of power is turned on or off. ROM as the name suggests the data can be only accessed and read by the user. The user cannot upgrade, overwrite, or modify the data and information on it. This is the reason why ROM is rarely used in the present computer even though it was the primary storage unit for the computer in the 80s. The basic quality of ROM made it one of the best options as bootable devices for portable OS files carrier, programmable interpreters and old computers. Since the system programs stored or saved on a ROM could not be altered and edited, it stays as the most preferred and secured platform for the use.

So, this is what the difference between ram and rom. Now there are several online tutorials to give detailed and clear information about all of the parts and functions of the computer. It is really interesting to go through such information if you are so crazy about using the computer.

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