Top Features Of Ideal 5260 Guillotine In Print Media Industry

Print media is one of the most raving technologies these days and proper cut papers are among the most important features that the operator wants. The ideal 5260 guillotine with its easy-cut feature is now ruling the print media industry. Thanks to its 94-centimetre height which is ergonomically efficient and helps in fatigue-free working. With the advent of touchscreen technology, there is hardly any need of using fingers in operating the machine as it is controlled electronically and operates with a touchpad that is user-friendly. The low voltage usage makes the printing process energy efficient.

User safety ensured by IR safety  curtain

While working with any cutting machine, safety measures are mandatory. The blades are extremely sharp and any ignorance from the user’s side might cause some fatal injury. The ideal 5260 guillotine looks sleek and provides safety too. The safety curtain with light beam helps in a convenient cutting of papers. The guillotine, as the name suggests, is a professional device and thus ensures top level safety to the operator while resulting in smooth cut papers.

The operation is easy with two activating bars

The machine is not only ergonomically comfortable but, ensures operation with two hands, which is comfortable for everyone. The activating bars on both sides of the blade act as gears, holding which, the operator can execute the cutting process in a patented way. The process is safe and efficient too as each cut is made perfect.

ideal 5260 guillotine offers safe changing of blade   

Like every article, to be precise, blades, too seem to lose their sharpness in the course of time. A blunt edge means the cut won’t be proper and hence the main idea behind using the ideal 5260 guillotine will never be fulfilled. Unlike the conventional cutting machines in the industry, this one does not require removal of covers while changing the blades. After a limited period, when the user or operator decides to change the cutting blades, the hands and fingers especially are safe from any ghastly cut. Thanks to the blades’ changing device, the sharp cutting edge will be covered.

No loose tools with the practical tool holder

While changing blades or opting for regular servicing of the ideal 5260 guillotine, there will hardly be any chance of losing any necessary tools. The back table is equipped with a hook-in holder where all the necessary servicing tools, as well as blade changing tools, are safely tucked.  

Controlling speed is easy with hand wheel

The electronic handwheel is perfect for positioning the manual back gauge. The operator has the liberty to change the speed of the process according to the requirement. This machine provides a varying control of speed so that the work can be regulated from too slow to too fast.

A touchpad is easy to use

The programmable touchpad comes with multilingual features so that people from any background can use it efficiently. For each program, the touchpad will let the operator store 99 steps. As an added bonanza, there are 99 programs available too.

For efficient cutting of papers, the 5260 guillotine acts as a perfect option for easy touchscreen usage where the user is free of any hazard caused by blades. The user-friendly operation helps in safe changing a blade and controlling speed.    

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