Tips To Buy Wedding Favors For Guests

Are you going to marry soon and planning to buy wedding favors for the guests. The sheer choice alone is enough to send even the most grounded brides over the edge! For some it is all too much & they simply grab every type of favor going, because ‘they are just too cute not to have’!

Trouble is, if you buy your wedding favors on impulse you may soon live to regret it. Wedding favors have to fit with your wedding theme or style; otherwise they just look awkward & out of place. They are also a gift of thanks to your guests for joining you on your wedding day & your guests may not get the message with a favor that is poorly chosen.

Remember that you will need one per guest. Set a figure per head then total it up, don’t forget to add in shipping, taxes & packaging.

Buying according to your theme or style will also discount a large number of favors immediately.
Browse websites & look around the local stores for an idea of price & also to get some ideas on the kind of favors you want.

Color may also feature, particularly if they are ready boxed favors or if they come in a choice of color ways. That said, there are plenty of ways to add your wedding colors to your favors – boxes/bags/wraps, ribbons, tags, embellishments are just a few. The whole purpose of wedding favors is to say thank you, so remember to add in some thank you tags.

Finally, choose your wedding favors with yourself in mind – would you be happy to receive such an item?

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