The Absolute Worst Things You Can Do With A Faulty Product

Having a product that is faulty can seem like a complete disaster for your company. However, by avoiding the most common mistakes that people make in this situation you can avoid it being as bad as you might fear.

The following are some of the worst things that you could do and that you really need to avoid at all costs.

Enter into Panic Mode

You first reaction when finding out that a product doesn’t live up to your expectations might be to enter into full blown panic mode. After all, a lot of time and effort has probably gone into getting the product to this stage only for it to go wrong now, at the most crucial moment.

Yet, panicking will cloud your judgement and could cause you to make some bad decisions that you later regret. On the other hand, by staying cool and taking your time you can make great decisions that lead to a better product in time for the next release.  

If you aren’t sure what needs to be done in order to make your product right for the market then you could turn to a field marketing agency to help you out. This is the sort of cool-headed decision that could save the day and make you feel confident in the future again.

Ignore It

Simply ignoring a faulty product certainly isn’t going to make things any better either. After all, something has to be done about it in order to make the necessary changes and get you back on track.

Keeping a faulty product on sale is just going to annoy your customers and possibly lose you future business too. This could lead to your reputation taking a big hit over time as well, as your brand becomes associated with poor quality products and failure.   

Therefore, you need to do something about it no matter how much it pains you to do so. In the best case scenario you might just need to make a few tweaks in order to iron out the problems and get it back out into the market better than it was before.

Deny Responsibility

The next point to avoid is that of denying responsibility for the faulty product. If you try and place the blame on everyone else or deny that there is a problem then you are unlikely to ever resolve it to a satisfactory degree.

Instead, you should look to take responsibility right away and start the process of finding a way of improving things from now on. It is only by doing this that you can look to make the necessary changes that will keep everyone happy.  

If you are responsible for sorting out the problems just now then you will also be responsible for the happier times ahead. Maybe looking at the matter in this way will help you to make an extra special effort to take the full responsibility on your shoulders and make some excellent decisions.

Delay Dealing With It

Another bad move that many people make when a product doesn’t live up to their initial expectations is to delay doing something about it. Of course, not moving quickly can lead to more people buying it and being disappointed in what they receive.

If you have spent a lot of time and money on the marketing campaign then spending too long dealing with the recall and subsequent re-release could also see the buzz you built up start to fade away. You don’t want to rush into any decisions that you might later regret but you don’t want to hold fire for too long either.

The ideal approach here is to make a decision quickly after having studied the options and making yourself aware of what is involved in each of them.

Just Give Up

Finally, you don’t want to just give up either, do you? Just because the first attempt at a release doesn’t work out well you don’t want to write off the whole project.

It could be that by getting a helping hand from a professional product recall company you can deal with this issue quickly and effectively. Indeed, it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if you end up with a product that is substantially better than you had originally planned.

All in all, it makes sense to try and deal with this product recall as effectively as possible in order to be able to look forward to the future with a great deal of hope and expectation.

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