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Like the human beings, the trees also require surgeons from time to time for their various needs. As in Medicine, a surgeon specialises in surgery that require giving treatment to a human body in order to cure it from any type of disease or to repair a body part, tissue or muscle from tear or breakage. In the similar way, the trees also require a special care which they receive from the tree surgeons Caterham.

tree surgeons Caterham

The work of the tree surgeons is to give treatment to the trees to make sure that they remain in good health and monitoring that the growth of the trees is not hindered due to any disturbances. The disturbances may be of natural or human nature, these may be above or below the ground. The tree surgeons make sure that the trees are suitable, safe and healthy for the property owners and abide by the community standards.

In order to give best treatment to the trees, the tree surgeons need to be specialists in the said field and should have thorough knowledge of the different species of the trees, plants or shrubs etc. The specialists have a suitable qualification which goes up to the Masters level in the said field and have a sound knowledge of the suitable environment for a specific kind of tree to grow in good physical shape. The qualifications and trainings are regularly upgraded so that most safe and recent methods are adopted for better care of the trees.

The various types of the services provided by the tree surgeons Caterham include crown cleaning, Crown lifting, Crown reduction and thinning, Tree felling and dismantling, Tree removal, Pruning, Pollarding, Hedge cutting and trimming, Storm Damage, Replacement of plants, Bark, log and woodchip sales etc.

The tree surgeons must do the analysis of the risk involved before starting any task to be on safer side. This assessment involves probability of the power lines, any potential danger by falling of trees to property and public safety. They must be fully equipped with all the safety wears and first aid kits. Also they should make sure that the felling of the trees is not blocking any public walkway or motorway. These people might have to work in awkward places having high elevations and need to work with dangerous equipment like chain saws or poisonous insecticides while dealing with a diseased tree.

The cost involved in hiring a professional tree surgeon service may vary depending upon various factors such as time of the year, place of work, project volume, the extent of the equipment and the labour involved, cost of pricey insecticides in case of diseased trees. It may also depend on the cleaning and maintenance of the property after the particular task is over.

There are a number of tree surgeons Caterham who also provide complementary service related to planning, consultation and a detailed project report afterwards and several follow-ups in view of keeping ahead of all other tree surgery service providers in business and being most popular amongst the customer community.

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