Style Your Abayas Well

Muslim women may always find it difficult to go for proper styling because they do not have enough choices when it comes to their dressing options. They mostly have to wear dresses that are loosely fitted and also cover the entire body apart from hands and face.

Abaya is also one such robe which is specially worn by the Muslim women as they are loose and robe styled which covers the entire women’s body. But at present there are many ways to style an abaya. If one goes abaya online shopping, they will get a lot of varieties these days.

Here are few easy ways to style an abaya or pick the right one for the right occasion. For everyday wear one can wear the traditional black abayas. Apart from that, there are abayas which have lace detailing and they look very fashionable. Do not go for abayas which have clashing patterns because this may look like a mess for a daily attire. Also one may not go for the basic black abayas and pick some other colours like basic pastel shades or block shades. If it is evening, then try to go for darker colours and choose lighter shaded for mornings and afternoons.

If you are going for any party or for any occasion then there are open abayas which you can select for the event. An open front abaya can be styled in many different ways and it can go with a lot of outfits. If you want to wear a maxi dress for a party or any evening get together, then go with an open front abaya as it will give you a very girly look. But one has to keep a check so that the colour of the dress and the abaya do not clash. Though it can be of same colour tones but it cannot be of the same colour. If you want a chic look then you can always go for a tunic and an open abaya with it. Also if you are going to office or any official meeting, then you can pair them with solid coloured shirt and proper trousers. This will look very classy.

One can also add laces to make the abayas more stylish. This adds more feminity and sophistication to the attire. You can put the lace around the neck and the sleeves. If you do not want it on the neck line then you can add them to the hem lines. Then there is Kaftan abaya which one can wear if there is too much hot and sultry weather outside. They are made from light weight materials and it will remain light on the body allowing passing the air. They are breezy and made from light linens. Also they are available in various colours and patterns.

When one is going to buy abaya online, they will find that there is one for every occasion and it is easier for them to pick and choose. Also styling has become very common these days.

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