Open Heart Surgery And Its Conditions

There are many people who go for open heart surgery these days. This can be performed for those who are suffering from coronary heart disease.

The coronary heart disease occurs when the blood vessels which provide oxygen and blood to the heart muscles become hard and narrow. This is also known by the term ‘hardening of arteries’. Now, the question is why this hardening occurs? Well, this thing mainly happens when some fatty materials forms a plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries. If the blood cannot flow properly to the heart, then the heart attack can occur.

Before knowing the heart surgery cost on India one should know why open heart surgery is done. This is mainly done to:

  • Repair damaged or abnormal areas of the heart
  • Repair or replace heart valves, which allow blood to travel through the heart
  • Replace a damaged heart with a donated heart (heart transplantation)
  • Implant medical devices that help the heart beat properly

When the open heart surgery is formed the patient is primarily given a general anaesthesia. It is ensured that the patient remains asleep throughout the surgery. Then the surgeon makes a cut of 8 to 10 inches in the chest. When the heart is visible, the patient can be connected to a heart surgery cost in india and lung bypass machine. This machine moves the blood away from the heart so that it becomes easy for the surgeon to operate. The surgeon always uses a healthy vein or artery to make a new path towards the blocked artery. Also the surgeon closes the breast bone with wire and then leaves the wire inside the body. Finally the original cut is stitched up.

Sometimes there is another plating done for the patients with higher risks. They are into advanced age and have had multiple surgeries. This is called as sternal plating. This is done when the breast bone is rejoined with a small titanium plate after the surgery.

But open heart surgeries are not easy. It comes with a lot of risks which includes chest wound infections (this is very much common in patients who have diabetes, obesity or any heart surgeries before), irregular heartbeat, stroke or heart attack, kidney or lung failure, chest pain, memory loss, blood loss, blood clot, breathing difficulty, pneumonia and some more.

Before going for an open heart surgery, the patient should tell the doctor what drugs they are already taking and this includes even some regular medicines like herbs and vitamins. They also need to inform the doctor if they are suffering from a flu or fever. Before 2 weeks of surgery, one should quit smoking and stop taking medicines like naproxen, aspirin and ibuprofen.

It is also very important to tell the doctor about the alcohol consumption of the patient. Before surgery one definitely needs to stop drinking. Also one needs to get into the hospital just the night before the surgery. They need to stay for the night to avoid any kind of infection attacks.

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