Migrate To Australia For Better Occupation

Australia is one of the most suitable country for immigration as it comes under the developed countries of the world. Australia is the most perfect and beautiful destination for immigration. There are number of ways by which people can easily apply for Australia immigration. For immigration in Australia, skilled migration can be the suitable route for obtaining permanent residence. People who don’t have any sponsor in the australia can any through skilled immigration. Numerous people from different areas of the universe decide to migrate in Australia in search of education and employment. Australia work permit visa is suitable for those who wants to work or study in Australia. If you apply for this visa, it is favourable if you consult an immigrant lawyer to know about this visa properly. An immigrant lawyer will surely assist you in getting australian work permit visa easily.

Here are the key requirement for those applicants who are eligible for Australian work permit visa-

  • You are required to clear (international English language testing system) IELTS test with good score.
  • You are required to have health and medical certificate.


There are some types of  australia work permit visas or temporary visa to apply from India:

  • The work permit visa or temporary visa is for limited time duration for overseas skilled labours.
  • Basically, there are two main work permit visas in Australia including; skilled and skilled visa- with these visas you can stay and work in Australia for 4 years.
  • Different types of work permit visas are issued by DIBP (department of immigration and border protection) of Australia for applicants coming to work in Australia.

Process for applying for temporary work visa-

  • You are needed to make an ImmiAccount and must submit the application form with TRN (transaction reference number) as the employer accommodated your application and some other needed details.
  • You will get employed to the licensed occupation on SOL (skilled occupation lists).
  • You must have excellent English skills as professional.
  • You must fulfill the skills needed for nominated occupation.
  • You should have to fulfill all the licensing requirements.

Fees and processing for getting visa

The required application cost for skilled visa is AUD 1060 and the processing time for this visa is completely rely on the type of visa which you have applied; the important thing is that it depends  when you have submitted the entire documents to the authorities.

The process for applying skilled visa:

  • To apply for skilled visa, you need to submit EOI (expression of interest) and should properly mention about the occupation you are applying for.
  • You should have an invitation from the government agency of Australia’s territory or state and it should be completely based on EOI (expression of interest).


If you want to apply for australia work permit visa from India then it will be more beneficial if you get the proper support and assistance from immigration specialist of Australia. Search the best immigration consultancy and know everything about this visa to immigrate to Australia.

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