Learning The Way Of Life Through Westside Family Church

Life has become very busy for every individual, whether it is a child or an adult, everyone is caught up in the rat race of life. There are probably a very few places and ambiances that can actually help one truly relax, understand the meaning of their existence and find out the means to inheriting a really blissful life. The church is one such place, where one can feel the presence of the omnipresent and  through the praise and worship of His holy name can one find solace. The Westside Family Church assists one in achieving this experience.

The focus of the lives of all those belonging to the Westside Family Church is, ‘loving Jesus, becoming like Jesus and sharing Jesus’. Those faithful to this church are utterly simple and genuine people, whose authenticity is relevant in the way they live their lives, and it is through their lives that they believe they are being able to create an impact on the entire world. Jesus forms the center of their lives and this is also what they call one and all to come forward and do as well.

The fast pace of the regular lives of individuals, often does not allow one to stop and think what could the plan of God for them. The church helps you to take that pause in your life and sit down to spend time with yourself and your maker. This journey into one’s inner self, is a sort of healing in itself, where you realize what all you have done and all that you should have done. The presence of God in the church gives one scope for examining the conscience and silently listening to what better plans God has for you.

The church could thus play an extremely vital role in making a better human being out of you, which will most definitely be beneficial not just for your immediate surroundings but also for the society at large. The church in this way becomes instrumental in shaping the standard of the society and the outlook of humans within the society. This proves of to be of great advantage in helping remove the bitterness and estrangement between fellow humans and building bridges among different communities.

The fact, that people belonging to churches such as the Westside Family Church are Jesus centric makes it easy to understand how these individuals are struck with peace from within which they exhibit and pass onto all those who interact with them. Jesus and His teachings have always been in favor of being righteous and peaceful and perhaps this is the most essential tool towards building a peaceful world as well.

It hence, becomes quite apparent that the church is not just a place of worship for the followers of Christ it is a haven for all those who feel the need to look into himself /herself.  Jesus never discriminated humans based on their caste, religion or status in life, he always believed in equality and therefore that the church too welcomes all those who are burdened to come and rest and find a solution to all their problems so that they can spread the joy of the Living God to one and all.

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