Just How Good Is NBA 2K17?

Gamers and sports lovers all over the world have been on high alert in the last few weeks as the much anticipated NBA 2K17 was about to release. The expectations of this game were rather high owing to the hugely successful franchise that it belongs to. Over the years the NBA 2K series has been widely acclaimed as one of the legendary franchise of games in sports simulation video games. The earlier versions have won multiple awards, so it is no surprise that there is a lot of hype created around its launch.

Now, the big question is just how good is this new game is launched by the 2K. We will do a brief introduction and a review of it, to give you a better idea about it. In the introduction, we will let you know about the two versions that it has launched this time around while also discussing why the 2K17 locker codes are a gamer’s delight. Following that, we will do a quick review of the product.


Like we know that you can expect the best out of the products coming out of the 2K house. So, you always expect some changes and innovations from them. First big change that you notice even before you buy the product is that this has two versions this time. One is the Legendary Version with Kobe Bryant on the cover and the other being the Regular Version which features Paul George on the cover. While the Legendary Version is slightly more expensive, it also has a few extra features which are not there in the other version.

The second change is the 2K17 locker codes. Locker codes are provided free of cost to those who buy the game. You can exchange them for virtual currency from their official website. With this virtual currency, you can upgrade your player’s attributes. It is a smart marketing strategy as when the free virtual currency is over, and if you then want to improve the qualities, then you will have to buy virtual currency with real money.


The headline reads how good is NBA 2K17 and simply put; the game is excellent. It has set the benchmark higher for the games releasing after this. What sets it apart from the other games is its gameplay. It has terrific gameplay which gets your adrenaline pumping. You can play this game and get competitive especially if you are playing with your friends. The introduction of Michael B Jordan in the training tutorials makes for a welcome change and gives greater motivation during the initial stages of the game.

Another aspect of this game which deserves mention is the graphics. The graphics of this game is a vast improvement from the 2016 edition, which in itself was superb. The 2k team has done a splendid job this time in making every effort to give this the best graphics possible. However, there were some minor glitches like the partner during the training at times tend to freeze, which can be a bit annoying. Apart from this minor issue, this game is spectacular.

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