Into The New Big Thing: Galaxy S7

In this technologically entangled world, wherever we see there are some technological advancements going on in each and every field. Amidst all these the latest versions of technologies actually help us in being at par with the world around us. Naming it in the section of smart phones, there are a lot of improvements and developments every single day. To manage these goals, Samsung comes up with its technical advancements every time. This time it is again a galaxy of newness in a whole new smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the company’s next big thing and is likely to hit the markets in the third month of 2016.


Samsung has a good history of having all kinds of advanced versions in them and this time with the Samsung Galaxy S7 they have done justice with all the points. As it is evident from the history that Samsung comes with something new with every new gadget, this time, it has new things in the Samsung Galaxy S7 too.  The outer body of the phone is made of a newly formed alloy of magnesium that is believed to be lighter than the previous ones and is likely to be more protective too.

From the point of view of styling, Samsung Galaxy S7 would clinch all positives. The outer body cover is made in curves on the left and the right side that not just gives it a stylish look but also promises to make it look sturdy.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is believed to come up with the most recent and most updated version of android namely the android marshmallow. When making a phone of this worth, it is justified to have it with all the developments too.

Talking of the camera, Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a camera of 16 megapixels at the back that would help one, take superb pictures anywhere and everywhere. The improved and advanced camera with the better ISO and shutter speed value would also help click good quality pictures in well lit areas and would not give bad results in low lit areas too.

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a front camera of 5 megapixels that would facilitate the selfie lovers take clear and visible selfies at every places. In this world  where everyone wants to be in the picture, such phones help in serving the purpose by having good front cameras and giving good selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to have a big display of almost 5.2 inches. So the name being given to it as the next big thing is being justified. The large display will have a Super Amoled display and 4K resolution. So clarity in the display is being promised any day.

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 4 GB RAM space and this has been in a thing to be in every phone these days. It will also have an expandable memory of almost 64 GB and this is one thing that makes it stand out of the lot. This simply means that it would have spaces more than a virtual PC!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is priced at 53-60k for the Indian market and the makers have real high hopes on the phone to do something really big as its name!

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