What Are The Important Features Of TV That You May Prefer?

TV is one of the most crucial entertainment appliance in every household around the world. TV has undergone lots of changes over the years. We have crossed B&W TV days long time back and now the Colour TV with Picture tubes has become things of past. Today, is the time for LCD/LED panel with high definition quality.  

Many well-known brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and many others are marketing different models of varying sizes. Now, let’s talk about the features that are really important for any Indian family.

Does size of the screen really matter?

Let’s admit most of the Indians like to have big screen so that they get the experience of watching movie in a theatre just by sitting on their home couch. However, in order to have big size TV one has to live in big sized house too. In most of the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore people stay in either 1 BHK to 3 BHK accommodation where space is really a constraint. However, that does not stop people buying any 50” TV where they can barely manage the viewing distance between one to two meters. So long TVs were available in picture tubes people used to prefer mostly 20” or 21” screen size. The 25” screen size for upper middle class family because of its price aspect.

However, since LED/LCD TVs has come in the market the aspiration of people for size has suddenly increased. The resolution of this new generation TV is must better as compared to picture tube panels and hence large screen TV is now preferable by many buyers. The only thing matters is budget. Small screen are preferred less.

What other features are important?

  • Viewing angle

Due to this feature, you can view the screen from different seating positions around the TV. The earlier version of LCD TVs had issues like loss of colour and contrast if viewed from sides and therefore you need to sit within the viewing angle to view the picture properly. However, nowadays viewing angles have been improved a lot and you can see the picture by sitting almost in any corner of the house.

  • Colour setting

In most of the showroom you will find that TV settings are so done that colours will be highly saturated in order to draw your attention. However, the set that will be delivered to your house will of normal or standard setting. Here you will find the colour almost same like original colour.

How smart my TV should be?

Nowadays with the smart phone revolution, people have also started preferring for smart TV too. Following few features are in demand.

  • Can be connected with other appliances

There must be facility to interconnect with any other recording and playing device like DVD/CD players, computers and other digital devices.

  • Connection facility with antenna or cable network
  • Wall mounting and table top facility
  • Remote control facility
  • Wi-fi or internet connectivity
  • Interfacing with smart phones

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