How To Calculate Child Support In North California

If you decide that the legal separation of your partner – a good idea, and you want to calculate the approximate amount of child support that could be obtained from your partner, then you will have to know certain things. Once you learn this information, you can use the online calculator, found on the child support website. Although in these calculations there is room for discretion and the figure you give will be the only result, a good way to find a figure in the chalet as your partner may be required to pay per month for child support.

Here is a list of some of the most important details you will need to enter in the calendar, if you are subject to legal separation. If you have the necessary documents, when you use the calculator, you can complete your data much faster. The calculator will also be deactivated after periods of inactivity, and you may lose data that you have already entered. In addition, the collection of these documents, so you can use a calculator, meant that you already have these documents ready to give to your lawyer or the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), if you still want to follow a legal separation and is requesting support for your children

Details of your net profit and the net profit of your partner

To calculate a fair and reasonable level of child support, DCSS must know the net income of both parents. This is calculated using the income from all sources, not just the annual salary received. Advice, bonuses, commissions, any other form of employee benefits, unemployment benefits, rental income, improvement of benefits, dividends, interest and income from independent work (including work based on income) can be taken into account. the Internet). For the calculation of disposable income only used, certain amounts can be deducted from the total income, including taxes, mandatory contributions (union dues and pension contributions), health care premiums and other fees imposed by the court , such as the cost of keeping a child or spouse, which is already paid. Therefore, to complete this section of the calculator, you will need documents that detail all these figures.

Information about children

This is information about the children for whom both are responsible. If you were previously considered legally responsible for these children, they may not necessarily be biologically related to you. Include all children who are considered dependent.

Information about visiting procedures

You must find out what percentage of the week the child has to spend with each parent. If your schedule of planned visits gives your partner more time with your former partner, you often have to pay less for the child’s support.
Although a legal separation may be difficult for you and your children, it is likely that state laws require your partner to offer support to children to help raise their children together. You can get more information at about support children and legal separation in North california.

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