How Do Claims Lawyers In The UK Differ From Those Internationally?

If you have had an accident abroad, you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth using a UK-based lawyer to process your claim or an international lawyer. The main difference between the two is that both lawyers will specialise in the law in the country they practice in. So a Spanish lawyer working in Spain will specialise in handling Spanish law cases, and a British lawyer working in the UK will work mostly with UK law.


International law

However, what all lawyers no matter where they are based have in common is that they all fully understand ‘international law’, which can be described as the set of rules that binds nations together. International law serves as a framework for stable, organised nations. The First Geneva Convention (1864) is one of the earliest examples of international law.

I’ve had an accident abroad. What should I do?

So long as you’re fit and well, travel home when your holiday ends and consider making a claim for compensation. A lot of people choose to make a claim for financial compensation because an accident that wasn’t their fault ruined their holiday experience and cost them a lot of money. In this instance, it’s only right that damages are sought.

Am I entitled to make a claim for an accident abroad?

YES. Here’s some examples:

Accident on a flight

If you have had an accident on an international flight, you may be able to make a claim against your tour operator if that flight is part of a package holiday. If you have had an accident on an international flight that was not part of a package holiday, you may be able to claim against the airline using international law, specifically The Montreal Convention.

Accident working abroad

If you were working abroad at the time of your accident, you can make a claim for compensation using a UK claims lawyer providing that the company you were working for is based in the United Kingdom, or at least has a registered office or place of business in the United Kingdom. If you were working for a foreign company, you should seek legal advice.

In both these scenarios, UK claims lawyers can help you to get started.


There are exceptions though. If your holiday is part of a package from a tour operator, under the Package Tour regulations regime there may be no liability for certain sports and activities, such as water-skiing and rock climbing. Most potentially dangerous activities will be listed on the Package Tour regulations regime, so before you go ahead with any activity be sure to read your operator’s terms and conditions in the event that the worst happens.

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