Hacks To Help You Charge Your Phone Or Tablet Faster

One of the most dreaded moments for any smartphone user is to plug in his phone and hours later find it’s just charged from 52% to 65%- seriously? It can be frustrating to watch for hours while your smartphone charges and you want to plug it off when it reaches 100% but this can sometimes take a lot of time making it even more frustrating if you want to leave with your phone fully charged and time is running out.

Charge Your Phone Or Tablet Faster

Try these hacks and tips to charge your phone better and faster and avoid that disappointing moment when you’re phone just won’t charge fast enough:

Avoid Charging From a Laptop

This is one charging sin we all commit. It’s quite convenient to just plug in the phone to a laptop or netbook while you’re working but if you’re looking for your phone to charge quickly this is quite a wrong approach. A standard port would provide about 0.5A power while an AC wall plug would deliver about 0.9A-1A power which will surely power your phone a lot faster. So when you do have the option to plug in the phone to a wall charger, make that choice over plugging it into your laptop.

Power Bank

Another power option is a power bank but make sure to plug it into the 2.1A plug as this ensures faster charging rather than a 1 A port. Always make sure the power capacity of the power bank is higher than your phone’s battery capacity or it won’t be able to fully charge your phone. Be sure to pick a power bank with a 2.1A power output to make sure your phone or tablet charges in a jiffy. Find great offers on power banks using amazon coupons to get a powerful power bank to take care of all your charging requirements.

Avoid a USB Hub

A USB hub can reduce the charge time by almost 50% especially if its not connected to a wall charging port itself. Avoid plugging your phone into a USB hub which is already powering other devices too as this will considerably reduce the amount of time it takes to fully charge your phone.

Cable Quality

The quality of the cable too plays a role in how well your phone charges. Try using the wire that came with the phone and if you misplace it or it breaks then invest in a good quality wire which you can buy using paytm coupons to make sure your phone always has the best accessories as a cheap wire may not transmit the full amount of power to your phone and will get damaged pretty easily as well.

Airplane Mode

When you put your phone on charge and require it to charge it faster you can switch the general mode to airplane mode. This will disconnect the Wi-Fi, mobile data and signal from the phone meaning apps and other features of the phone won’t chug the battery giving it enough time to charge quickly. You could do this when you’re in a hurry and need your phone to charge without wasting time.

Don’t Use it While Charging

Most of us are so dependent on our phones that we can’t leave it alone for 5 minutes. Avoid using your phone when it’s on charge as this will slow down the charging process. Fight the urge to browse the net or play games and only limit yourself to taking important calls and let your phone charge in peace at least for some time.

Make sure to make use of these charging tips the next time you put your phone or tablet to charge to get the most out of it in the least possible time.

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