Five Lesser Known Benefits Of Wearing Uniforms In The Workplace

Employees in a variety of industries and occupations have donned uniforms for decades. Not only do they bring with them a crisp and professional image, but they come with a host of other lesser known benefits. We have listed the top five underrated reasons why business-savvy companies are opting for work uniforms (and some of the reasons may surprise you!):

Work Wear Uniforms

  1. Free Brand Promotion and Advertising

A work uniform that is clean and well-designed is one that will continually work for your business. Think of it as a “walking billboard.” Everywhere an employee goes when wearing a uniform that displays your corporate logo and colours, they are helping in two ways:

  1. a) They are advertising your brand; and
  2. b) They are helping differentiate your brand from local competitors.

Uniforms help build brand recognition and they promote pride in your company. Your employees can transform from being “just employees” into brand ambassadors who will speak highly of their job and your company. Whether you are a small start-up or are a larger corporation, uniforms in Melbourne from Total Image deliver an incredible return on your investment.

  1. A Cost-Effective Option for Employees

The financial times of today are tough and many employees would far rather spend their hard earned money on something other than clothing for the workplace. Providing uniforms to employees has become an incentive for many since they will be saving money each month due to not having to invest in pants, skirts, work shirts, and so on.

  • One solution for companies who may not be able to afford uniforms for all of their employees is to provide a few items to them for free (i.e. a shirt with your brand or logo). See if the uniform company you are working with will be able to provide you with uniforms at a discounted rate, a savings which you can then extend to your staff.
  1. Levelling the Playing Field

The clothing that we wear can send a lot of messages about who we are, what position we hold and what our financial status may be. By having employees wear uniforms, you’re removing any sense of inferiority. You are bringing a sense of quality and unity to the workplace, which will increase employee engagement and interaction.

  1. Preventing Product Cross-Contamination

Those who work in healthcare or food-related industries are now often finding themselves in uniform. This is because wearing a uniform can signification reduce any threat of cross-contamination. Employees often enter the workplace in one set of clothing, change into a uniform and remove the uniform as necessary so that the integrity and quality of the food or the care being provided remains high.

  1. Improving Company Security

Having a workplace where everyone is wearing different attire makes it difficult to differentiate a co-worker from a complete stranger. Many businesses have incorporated uniforms into the workplace for the simple fact that it improves security at the most basic level. All employees will be able to easily pick out who does not belong in the building simply because someone is not donning the company uniform.

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