Finding Problems With Breast Feeding? Here Are Some Solutions

Breast feeding is an important part of being a parent. Even the doctors prescribe new mothers to breast feed their baby for the first six months. This is because the nutritional value present in the milk helps in building the immunity system of the baby. But many women experience low breast milk problems because of various reasons.

Low breast milk supply is a common problem and many women adopt various methods to increase the frequency. Here are some natural ways to boost your breast milk supply: –

Use breast pumps

Many mothers who face problem of low milk supply usually try this method. It is an effective, as well as easy method to boost the supply. Breastfeeding pumps are easily available in markets. Depending on the size of your breast, you can choose to buy one. The pump is like a funnel that should be set around the nipples in such a manner that they do not rub on the walls of the shield. Now start pumping for a comfortable vacuum. Rub the breast occasionally with pumping for the milk to flow. The process should be done at least 12 times a day to increase the flow.

Alternative breast switching

Usually lactating mothers change breasts while feeding their baby frequently because it is convenient. This is a good practice but need to be done correctly. Unless the baby has finished sucking from one breast, you should not shift it to the other. The logic behind this is when the milk flow slows down, the baby starts sucking strongly and it creates pressure thereby stimulating good milk let down. If you switch the baby in the middle, you are not allowing the hind milk to be removed from your breast which is important for increased milk production. The baby should drink the foremilk and the hind milk collectively. Keep compressing your breast during feeding; it helps in milk to flow freely.

Have nutritious diet

Mothers can only generate milk if they eat a balanced diet daily. Resting adequately and eating nutritious food can also help in increasing your breastmilk supply. Drink plenty of water because the higher the amount of water you drink, the better would be the milk production. Avoid smoking, drinking and other medications during the feeding period. Also, never sleep on your stomach and don’t wear a bra while sleeping as all these can reduce the supply of milk.

These are some methods that can be used for increasing breast milk supply in nursing mothers. However, if you don’t see any changes in the situations, then you must connect with your gynaecologist for help. Doctors can prescribe some medications that can be taken to increase milk supply and are not harmful for the baby as well, because whatever you eat or drink, it has direct affect on the health of the baby and no mother would want to risk lives of their children. Medications should be your last option when all the other options are exhausted or not helping.

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