Find A Property In Essex – The Hotspot Property Destination!

Despite the adverse effect of Bexit last year, the property prices in London continued to soar high. As a matter of fact, Essex, a county to the north-east of the London City, has become a hotspot destination among the home buyers. A study reveals that the property price grew by 16 percent last year in Essex. It continues to soar in this fiscal too. Therefore, to find a property in Essex, you would need some homework to be done beforehand.

With a population of 1,802,200 in the metropolitan area, Essex is ranked as the 11th most populous city in the UK. It further connotes that demand for the quality residential as well as the commercial properties in Essex is growing. Therefore, you need to find a property in Essex with a due diligence. Here is a list of points to consider before you buy a property in Essex.

  • Convenient location: The convenient location of a property stands tall in the way of its selection. Basically, you will be living there with your family. Hence, the connectivity of the place must be good so that your kids and others present in the family can commute easily to the places like schools, colleges, and the market. Simultaneously, a property that is conveniently located would also have better resale value in the future.   
  • Close to a landmark: The place should be easily identifiable when it’s close to a landmark. This is a great help especially when you are moving to Essex for the first time or you are advising someone to reach your home over the phone.
  • Free from loan: Before you buy a property, don’t forget to check whether the property is on a mortgage. It is important to mention here that unless the mortgage loan is paid beforehand, your purchase deed will not be valid. Having said that, they mean, the title of the property will not be transferred to you despite getting into an agreement with the current owner. The financier such as the bank will claim the property in the case of a default in mortgage loan payment.    
  • Checking the future development plan: The council keeps changing its plan with a view to accommodating the growing population and managing the public amenities such as the water and gas supply, transport etc. Therefore, some of the properties may be required to pull down in accordance with the plan. If the property that you are planning to buy falls under this category, you will make a terrible mess with your investment. 
  • Tax payment: Every property owner has to pay a tax every year. The property you are willing to buy must have a tax clearance failing which your deed will not be registered and any pending tax together with penalties will be payable by you.
  • Litigation status: Check whether the property has any litigation or not before buying.
  • Construction aging: A check on the construction aging of the property is also congenial for the purpose of estimating its value.

In short, to find a property in Essex, you need to do a lot of homework in advance.    

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