Eat Very Healthy In Pregnancy

Once you conceive and become pregnant with a child, there are a lot of responsibilities that simultaneously lands up on your shoulders. You need to take every step very carefully not only for yourself but also for your baby.

One has to refer a gynecologist who will help them to deal with this pregnancy easily and most important safely. One can also take help of medications and best pregnancy websites if they need important tips during this time. But food habit is the major thing that one needs to change in this tenure. One has to eat a proper and healthy diet, so that their baby can be born healthy.

  • In the entire tenure of pregnancy, a lady has to consume at least 55 thousand extra calories to reproduce a healthy baby. This means, they have to consume 300 calories extra every single day. This is not much. If you know correctly then it is just an apple or a slice of bread or a glass of low fat milk which you have to consume extra. That’s it. But at the same time, the need to consume amounts of minerals and vitamins increase a lot. So one has to consume healthy food and not extra food. Fresh and colourful fruits, green vegetables, legumes, whole grains will make way to your regular eating routine and multivitamin supplements will be your daily need now.
  • Calcium rich food can do wonders to your body in pregnancy. They help in building string bones in your baby’s body and keep your bones string as well. It also keeps blood pressure level normal in the body. One can consume glasses of low fat milk or soymilk at least a glass every day. You can also cook your oat meal or your rice with this milk instead of water as they will bring more calcium to your diet.
  • Fluid intake is very important in pregnancy. The body needs a lot of nourishing fluids during this time like water and fruit juices. One has to drink as much water as they can throughout the day (at least one glass in between meals and snacks). Non fat milk is a must at least a glass everyday and fresh fruit juices like orange, apple and pineapple.
  • One needs a lot of protein intake during this time, they need to eat chicken without the skin, and dried beans cooked well which is a very good source of iron. One has to eat those food items which have multivitamins in it.
  • No matter how much you love sea food, you have to give up on it for these few months. You can have sweet water fish which has a lot of fats and omega three which is very good for the development of brains in a baby. In fact it helps in preventing asthma in a baby as well.

What are the safe medicines during pregnancy depends in the body and health condition of a pregnant woman. It differs from one to another.

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