Easily Create Movies With Clip&Go

With your iPhone or iPad it is easy to record videos and you will be able to do so almost immediately. However to create your very own movies from that footage is a bit more involved, and you will want to be able to edit, tweak and merge the footage that you record so that it turns out exactly as you want it.

While you could opt to transfer your movies to a PC or Mac and use a video editor to do all of that – why not just do so on your iOS device with the help of Clip&Go? It will save you from the hassle of having to transfer your videos anywhere, while at the same time also ensuring that you have all the tools you need to get the job done.

Part of the beauty of using Clip&Go is that it is designed to be an easy-to-use video editing app for iPhone or iPad. It is so straightforward that you don’t need to have any experience using video editors and will still be able to put its features to use effectively.


As soon as you start to explore the features of Clip&Go, you’ll see that it is able to:

  • Utilize any of the videos on your iPhone or iPad as part of your movie.
  • Cut the video footage into segments so that you can trim out any parts that you don’t need or rearrange the sequence in which the videos appear.
  • Copy video tracks to duplicate them in case you want any part of the footage to appear again in your video.
  • Adjust the frame of the video by cropping it so that the attention of the audience is focused on a particular area.
  • Include background music in your video by choosing from the inbuilt selection or opting to use your own music track.
  • Output the video in landscape, portrait or even square video formats.
  • Save your movie directly onto your iPhone or iPad, or upload it to social media platforms when you’re done.

The tools that Clip&Go will place at your disposal should make it a piece of cake for you to transform the videos you record on your iPhone or iPad and make them look great in the process. Odds are you’ll be amazed how quickly you’re able to create amazing movies that look as though they’ve been professionally edited.

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