Does EHIC Card Contain Medical Information About The Card Holder?

It is an obvious fact that anyone who is travelling frequently is more prone to suffer from health problems as well as at the risk of meeting with accidents as compared to others. Apart from this, the expenses incurred on the unforeseen or unexpected health problems or physical ailments are quite more as compared to the routine health problems. In order to benefit millions of people residing in Europe who are legally or formally, the citizens of Europe, the government of Europe or UK has made the facility of free of cost medical treatment or medical treatment at reduced costs. This benefit can be availed by anyone who holds the EHIC card.


The full form of EHIC is European Health Insurance Card. It is a sort of social security or medical security which is offered to the citizens of Europe. Anyone can claim for the benefits offered by this card provided he/she possesses the card at the time of treatment. Every person has individual EHIC card. The card can be obtained by those who are more than sixteen years of age.  Now we will see what’s mentioned on the EHIC card so as to identify the user or possessor of this card.

Name of the possessor– EHIC card of any person is identified by the name mentioned on it. Apart from first name of the possessor of the card, it also bears last name of the person.

Personal code– EHIC card also has numerical personal code mentioned on it. It can also be called as the card number or identification number of the card. It is mentioned in numerals.

Date of birth of the person insured- The EHIC card also contains the date of birth of the person who is insured of his/her health by this health beneficial card. It is done so as to ensure that the bearer of the card is more than sixteen years of age.

Expiry date of the card- Since EHIC card is valid only for certain period say three to five years therefore the expiry date of the card is certainly mentioned on the card. It makes sure that the bearer of the card doesn’t misuse the card.

International Standard Organization code– It refers to the code of the state which has issued the EHIC card to the possessor. It is in accordance with the International Standards of Europe.

Identification number of health insurance house– Since EHIC card is issued by certain authorized institutes therefore the card also bears the identification number as well as short form or acronym of the health insurance house which has issued the card.

The number of the card- It can also be termed as serial number of the EHIC card. Since this card is issued to so many people each day therefore the concerned authorities keep a record of all the cards and the concerned users with the help of unique card number allotted to each card and the possessor.

Apart from these points of information, nothing else is mentioned on the EHIC card. After reading all this, it is now clear that the EHIC card doesn’t contain medical information of the card holder. It is because this card may be used to avail of the health benefits for some unexpected health ailments or in case of accidents or other emergencies. It is not confined to certain type of health conditions. For more information visit here

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