How To Cope Up With Pregnancy Depression

Pregnancy depression is common in case of most women. Studies point to the fact that pregnancy hormones do not protect a woman from depression. When there is a sudden rise in your hormonal levels it does indicate depression. Pregnancy depression medication is one of the ways to cope up with it and for this reason it could be referred to as something rare. Most women tend to suffer from it but it is not diagnosed as they do not seek professional help. Depression along with anxiety is a routine part of depression.

The Greater Chances Of Risk?

It has already been stated that most women tend to suffer from pregnancy depression, but some risk factors you would want to have an eye on are

  • If you have a history of depression, then the chances of it passing on to you are on the higher side for sure
  • If there is any problem with your pregnancy or it has been the case with your earlier pregnancies. The chances are that depression is going to take over you
  • Stress can have an impact on depression as well. It could be any financial issues or any form of personal problems that you have to encounter during the course of pregnancy
  • There are numerous other factors like history of abuse, being a single parent that are some of the causes that can trigger depression

Feeling Depressed

If you are of the opinion that you are feeling depressed the first step would be to acknowledge the problem and work towards solving it. You can take a depression online test to find out where you stand. But these forms of tests are a mere analysis and it cannot be taken as a form of medical opinion in any way. You can get in touch with some close friend of yours and confide in them the problem that you are facing. Some form of medical help is needed during the course of pregnancy when it comes to depression. This same policy could apply to meds for pregnancy digestion as well.

Pregnancy After The Stage Of Depression

Once your pregnancy is over and if you are a victim of depression it is referred to as postpartum depression. This could be triggered by a host of sudden hormonal changes as well. Once the process of birth is over, the hormone levels tend to return back quickly paving way for depression. This is pretty common and not that surprising as well. It is figured out that nearly half of the women who normally tend to suffer from this type of depression tends to suffer from postpartum depression.

Other factors could contribute to this form of depression like pain during the course of delivery, changes in your daily routine or lack of sleep as well. The common cause in this regard would be to doubt your mothering skills and understanding the fact on whether you can happen to be a great mother or not.

But just like any other diseases, depression is curable.

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