Benefits Of The MFA Biometric Solution

MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication is a security system that provides extended protection to companies against data breach, that is, if someone has played around with your credentials. So, for the application, network and server of the company that you are working you usually need to provide additional information or factors that help you get access to those systems. MFA in this case helps you to get access to the system using a combination of multiple factors like, password, smart card/smartphone/OTP, and fingerprint/Biometrics.

Password based security is passé considering the way they are getting compromised off-late by the hackers. The best part about MFA is that it requires different identification methods and hence, is one of the perfect ways to prevent any unauthorized access to the corporate data by unknown users. However, it’s better to implement the MFA system for all users than for a single or few users, resources or specific apps. To ward of the possibility of any cyber-attack it should be applied across all IT resource and for all users. So, how does the MFA Biometric Solution help protect corporate data and allow safe access?

Multiple biometric modalities in one single process can help pass though the security system easily and with top accuracy accomplished by single modality. Therefore, instead of just one costly device you can take advantage of a combination of typical biometric devices that help you install a system that’s extremely accurate and profitable.

One of the major benefits of the MFA Biometric Solution is that it helps prevent any fraudulent access to the corporate data quite efficiently. The usual security systems with PIN and security questions are no longer effective against the growing cyber or fraud attacks and are more susceptible to fraud attacks. So, if you have a voice biometric in place, the ones that ask for fingerprint or OTPs are the strongest and the safest ways to ward off these possibilities.

The biometric solutions for corporate data access also save you a lot of dough in terms agent time, for example, voice biometric. It decreases the steps involved in the verification process by up to 80% and even the time consumed. It helps reduce the average call handling time of the agents by at least 30 seconds per call for authentication and that saves you millions of dollars. Companies using this system implement Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solution that collects the voiceprints during the usual conversation. This is then securely stored and password protected.

What’s interesting is that you do not need to remember critical passwords or take the risk to write it down somewhere exposing it to further risk. You do not even need to answer the quiz questions to unlock the system.

So, if you want to deploy authentication systems for omnichannel and multichannel companies, you can use the MFA biometric solution for easy yet highly secured access. It offers a seamless experience by making the entire process much easier and extremely efficient for customers.

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