Benefits Of Heavy Duty Tufftrak Mats

The TuffTrak are durable, heavy duty mats which are ideal for providing makeshift work area and roadways for machinery and heavy vehicles. The heavy duty TuffTrak mats are manufactured using a special compression-moulded process. This process makes the mats to be able to bear heavy loads while maintaining immense flexibility. The unique chevron traction surface along with the low profile reversible traction surface has micro-traction that helps in increasing the grip. While the machinery or vehicles are using the mat, it also improves the dispersal of the mud thereby reducing any chances of slipping.  

The incomparable grip provided by the TuffTrak makes it ideal for usage in all weather conditions by providing the fastest and the safest way. The mats are extremely easy to install and are excellent for civil engineering, construction, building site access, infrastructure maintenance, aiding in averting safety and health issues and much more. The great thing about these mats is the fact that they are completely recyclable and does not cause any kind of pollution making it a smart choice for the environment.

Below are a few features of the TuffTrak mats that will help you in having a better understanding of these.

Extremely Flexible

The heavy duty TuffTrak mats are extremely flexible and can be installed in a variety of ways. The mats are reversible meaning both the sides have precisely dissimilar surface. One of the sides is to provide a secure path for the pedestrians while the other side has been created particularly for offering access to vehicles. The mats can be installed in various ways depending upon the situation. Double track roadways or single track ones, onsite parking, pads or large working areas, it can be used for all due to its adaptability.

Easy Installation

The TuffTrak mats are extremely quick and easy to install. The ‘drop in’ bolt system and the steel straps are used to attach the panels of the TuffTrak. For areas where more stability and safety is required, non-standard connectors are used which helps to stabilize undulant conditions of the ground.  When the TuffTrak is to be used as a makeshift roadway, no ground preparation is necessary. This means it doesn’t take up much time and can be installed efficiently.

Excellent Grip

The surface has been manufactured in a unique way that provides the TuffTrak mat excellent grip. It also reduces any sort of slippage and provides an optimal traction for the machinery and vehicles. The mat also disperses mud while the vehicles are in movement making it ideal for all weather conditions. This mat provides the most effective performance thereby avoiding any safety or health issues.

Outstanding Durability

The TuffTrack has extremely high durability and is absolutely unbreakable. It is resistant to chemical, water, acids, solvents, alkalis and much more. This makes it ideal for usage in all weather conditions without any sort of decline in the performance. The TuffTrak mats are essentially long lasting and offer dependable areas for heavy machinery and vehicles.

The TuffTrak mats are non conductive as well making it perfect for usage in transmission projects.

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