Applying Iron On Patches In The Correct Manner

It has been a long time since the evolution of iron on patches. Previously, people used these patches for covering holes or repairing their jeans and other clothing varieties. However, this scenario has drastically changed in the recent times. At present, screen print and embroidery companies like Megridigitizing are making the effective use of these patches in the form of a routine alternative for their clients. This is because, with the use of these patches, companies can easily set up multiple orders very quickly. It helps in the reduction of set up time and therefore allows companies to provide improved prices while maintaining efficient production procedures.

Reasons that Advocate the Use of Patches

One great reason that advocates the use of patches is digital abilities of the new and advanced print technologies of the present times. The tool used for printing in the present market tends to be superior in comparison to the tool used in the past. During the 70s and the 80s when embroidery gained huge popularity, there was no method of producing good quality digital images like the ones available today. Various manual procedures such as screen printing which involved the screening of each color onto a garment were needed. This is the reason why the corporate logos used to be very simple consisting of not more than two or three colors. In the present times, digital images have become a very common theme. There are websites displaying complicated logos. However, there is some problem in recreating the complicated logos for hats, bags and apparels. This is where the use of patches comes in.

Use Patches for Making your Clothing Look Different

There are a lot of people who are of the view that they need to spend a huge amount of money in order to dress in a decent manner. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that decent and nice clothing makes an individual look good but this does not mean that you need to spend a good amount of money. There are cheap methods of dressing decently. The use of patches allows you to make certain attractive improvements in your clothing, making it look decent while being cheap. There are patches available in different colors and styles and they are widely be used for making an apparel look unique. Applying patches, post purchasing different varieties of clothes can make the clothes look appealing. But the main problem here is that many people are not aware of the correct procedure of applying these patches. This is the main reason why people generally move back from purchasing these fashionable pieces.

The Application Procedure

As is suggested by the name, iron on patches are easily applied on different varieties of fabric or clothing by ironing. The patches are ironed on fabric. The things that you need for this procedure include ironing board, patches, iron box and the fabric or clothing for applying the patches. First of all, you will have to lay out the fabric on ironing board, set the iron box at high cotton steam setting and then apply the patches wherever you want them on the fabric. The patches need to be pressed using hot iron. This helps in melting the adhesive available on the patches assuring a very strong connection between the clothing and the patch.

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