A Guide For Shopping Abroad

There are some travelers who visit various destinations to check out the museums and monuments while others enjoy the scenic landscape and the traditional cuisine. But people who loves shopping there is no better experience in the world than haggling with the shop owners in the market or checking out the products of the local artisans. There are many others who would walk along the streets tirelessly looking for the best deals or shop till the wallets are empty at the posh malls. Shopping in a foreign destination can be very rewarding but you must do it like a pro. So here is a guide for shopping abroad which will help you to bargain in the street markets, avoid the fakes and even get the goods delivered at your home.

Find genuine local goods

You need to research a lot when you are shopping abroad. Spontaneous spending is a lot of fun, no doubt, but if you are getting ready for a big purchase then you need to do a lot of homework so that you get a really good deal. If you are looking for Venetian glass in Italy or a kimono in Japan then you must first learn what you are actually looking for before you start shopping for them at these destinations. You can speak to the concierge at the hotel, buy a good guide book or search the internet. The hotel concierge is a safe option as he/she will be in a position to guide you to the most trustworthy shops in the city and in the local area. If you are buying jewelry or art then make sure to get a certificate of authenticity at the time of purchase.


In North America and in various countries of Europe, the art of haggling has gone down drastically and it is no longer widely practiced. But bargaining is very much on in different parts of the world and you will not be able to get a good price if you cannot master the art of negotiating. But it is very important to get acquainted with the culture of the place as the bargaining strategy will vary from one country to another. In some countries you can be assertive but in some other countries, your tone should be soft and pleasant. You should never enter a bargaining situation unprepared and do not get angry at the seller. Keep just two things in mind: the price that you willing to pay and maximum amount that you can spend on the item.

How to get the goods delivered to your home?

Dedicated shoppers will know that they need to leave a lot of space in their strollers for the souvenirs or even buy an extra bag to pack them in. Duffel bags are the best choice as they are soft and do not take up much space but it is not good for precious items like porcelain vase. Valuable items should be packed separately. If the merchant is taking the responsibility of the shipping then do not forget to buy insurance and pay with a credit card.

However, if you are doing the shipping on your own then pack the item carefully with proper labeling of the package. You can visit the nearby post office or the nearest UPS/DHL store to get it shipped to your home. If you are coming to UK or London in particular then you will be tempted to visit the much acclaimed Oxford Street for its shopping choices and the many other shopping malls that are strewn across the city. Since it will not be easy to move from one place to another with the entire shopping bags inn a bus (since taxis do not come cheap), it is advisable that you hire a self-driven car for the shopping purpose.

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