A Brief On Various Stages Of Quilting

Depending you much quilting you expect to do and how much time you are willing to spend, a quilting machine can lost less than 100$ and cost up to 10,000$ and more for your trade work. But, relax, most quilters belongs to low-end of this range because manufacturers know that people won’t spent such huge sum of money on a quilting machine. These computerized and mechanized quilting machines complete a quilt before you actually know its finish.

Despite facing many tedious hours of hard labour work, some person and small industries still prefer the old traditional hand quilting machines for true pride in workmanship. And, some even work with conventional sewing machines.

Buy a quilting machine from brother, you want your business to grow, and if you are quilting enthusiast, then show your skills with it.

Various stages of quilting

The first step- Squares making the first step in the process of quilt making is making individual squares. These shape needs not to be, can be almost like a square. Many, people consider is as the most creative step of quilting. A quilter can select various fabric patterns, colours, materials and much more. This stage of quilting requires spending least time on the machine. Just about any sewing machine will work will fine. And, if you want to show your art, than do this step via your hands. Some industries use separate machines or human resource that can do special embroidery patterns.

The second step is Piecing- Now, comes the second stage, piercing. In this step all the square pieces created in the first step are stitched together. This is also one of the most creative stages in making a quilt. You can combine textures, patterns and colours for the overall quilt. Here hand quilting is not a child’s play and it quite daunting to do so; a quilting machine is best companion to have. A table extension can be handy, making it easier to handle things as quilt grows bigger and wider.

Now, the final stage- The stage in making a quilt is quilting itself. It is a step of blending top layer with battling and a bottom layer. This stage involves massive amount regular stitches, so it’s truly a hand paining task, if you don’t have a quilting machine. And, for this stage almost everyone employ some sort of machine. It is this stage that puts the greatest demand on quilting machine and the traditional sewing will not work fine here.

All the above listed steps with a regular sewing machine will be time-consuming and bit frustrating to manage.

As you will expect most individual and industries will go or low-cost quilting machine. Therefore, it’s indispensable to choose a product and brand that’s reliable, reputed and has the feet stitches you pursuit for. So, in that case buy a quilting machine from brother, for its unique feature, reputation and quality. A quilting machine needs to be strong enough to handle thick back, front fabric and battling. Read customer reviews with a keen to buy the best from the best.

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