9 Tips For A Successful First Conference Presentation

It’s very common and known to us that “sharing knowledge grows career and moves industries forward”. So even if public speaking may be difficult for a few, especially for the introverts still one can try and give their first successful conference presentation that can earn loads of confidence. But one thing to be kept very sure before conference presentation, one individual should manage to prepare the online presentations beforehand, put them carefully during submission and then spent some time in guessing about the even to happen and then press the trigger.

So never pretend that due to insufficiency of internet access or any other petty problem, the individual speaker is panicked and tried to grid in the deepest of the wood. This can spoil the presentation, so it’s better to be confident and get prepared previously to give the best shot of the day. Even if it is borderline terrifying, but a passionate speaker always succeed in presentation of the conference brilliantly. Presenting the conference will be great fun.

Successful conference comprise of two key words:

  • Getting organized : It is a step by step process where planning the conference is the practical tool, which allows to plot the critical path to success and develop a realistic time and allocate tasks to the committee other people and co- workers and helper.
  • Work smarter but not harder: Manual working is not necessarily important and even that too skilful also. So tips and tricks on how to manage the conference manager to provide with the extra pair of helping hands.
  • Setting conference goals: Among the most important rules of managing conference includes the mainly to set up goals and execute them in a proper time.

Let’s look at the 9 successful tips of conference presentation

  • Sketch out the outline first: Placing together the presentations firstly whipped out the PowerPoint and add slides or any necessary documents in the slides for presentation. Sometimes even the presentation may go out of order or control, don’t get panicked. Layout the outline of the presentation is important to make a successful and interesting conference presentation.
  • Elaboration with the help of Graphical depiction: Keep a very serious look at the outline of the presentation. Then suitably studying it thoroughly tries to make it depict through graphical presentation choosing eye catching graphical pictures. These graphics will help to support the points elaborated. Don’t be scared or afraid of using amusing graphics or GIF’S.
  • Open the deck program: Now there is the permission of adding slides in the deck program. Now the flow is defined and the deck will go relatively very smooth and easily.
  • Word limit should be maintained: In order to favour the audience, the font size should be large enough so that it is visible to the conference attendees, and easy for them to read in distant. Graphics can be used to replace text for some slides, so that to make it more interesting for the readers. If one needs to do the presentation that requires bunch of text, try to sprinkle it with pictures to make it an attractive one.
  • Write a transcript: Writing transcript is awesome for several reasons. If the presentation is delivered online people who attended the seminar or the session will able to get the refresher in details. Secondly if people didn’t attend the live session, then online presentation is easy to deliver if present.
  • Tell Stories: If the presentation given in the story format then it is more remembered by the listeners than given in the theoretical presentation form. To create a lasting impact, try to create weave stories. This is more impact given, and it even provides more intense effect on the listeners.
  • Make sure your presentation works both online and offline :Always try to keep a copy of the online presentation delivered so that even in terms of failure of internet connection or loss of electricity , then offline presentation can add as a substitute to it. If using an online deck program, download a copy too. If anyone wants to give a demo or screen shot casting then live demo is the best option.
  • Trying to backup: Keep a thumb drive always in case of safety so that even if the Wi-Fi is not accessible one can make use of it. But in some cases it’s been observed thumb drive failure may take place. So better upload a hardcopy of the presentation to drop box and email it to both the links and copy it to thumb drive in case of Wi-Fi issues.
  • No need of excessive editing:  Leave the presentation once it is complete, need of repetitive editing. Take time to do the presentation but stop tweaking it or editing it till the end. As this can make the presentation a lot messy and clumsy too. So leave it alone after total completion.

So this tips if followed in proper order and with a sequential proper mind set and planning a successful presentation is obvious to deliver. This will not only make the event grand but will gather a huge sack of personality in the individual itself.

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