20 Inch Sparklers Vs. 36 Inch Sparklers

There are a lot of reasons that people buy sparklers these days, and there are more options to choose from than ever before. It used to be that you’d head to your local fireworks shop and grab a few packs of sparklers out of a single pile, but now they have a whole aisle dedicated to them. Sparklers can be used at birthdays, weddings, and, of course, on Independence Day, but each occasion calls for a different size sparkler depending on how you plan to use them during your celebration. The two most popular sizes are 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch sparklers, but knowing which to buy can be a little bit tricky. Here are some things to consider when comparing 20 inch sparklers vs. 36 inch sparklers so you can make the best decision for your needs.

20 Inch Sparklers

20 inch sparklers are by and large the best-selling size in the world because they are very affordable and burn for a considerable amount of time. For most occasions, having your sparklers burn for 1 ½ minutes is more than sufficient, and that is exactly what 20 inch sparklers offer you. They are most popular at birthday parties and 4th of July parties because they are easy for kids to control in their hands. You can even stick a few of them in the top of your birthday cake if you really want to make your celebration more exciting! Just make sure you leave them sticking out far enough so that the frosting doesn’t get contaminated as the sparklers burn.

36 Inch Sparklers

36 inch sparklers are the longest length you can buy, and that has many advantages over buying shorter ones. First off, they burn for almost 4 minutes, so you will only need to get one for everybody at your party rather than having to light several shorter sparklers throughout the event. They are also the preferred size for weddings because your guests can hold them up really high in the air. Since creating a sparkling tunnel is their most popular use, 36 inch wedding sparklers have become pretty much the standard for couples looking to have this style of send-off line.

Which Should I Choose?

If you are planning to use your sparklers at a birthday or 4th of July party, 20 inch sparklers are usually your best value. They are much more affordable than the 36 inch long ones, and they usually last long enough for most purposes. However, if you’re going to use them at your wedding, then you should buy 36 inch wedding sparklers so your guests can get them high enough in the air to create a sparkling tunnel for your send-off line. With a few simple comparisons of cost and burn time, you can easily decide whether 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch sparklers are right for your event.

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