How To Look Great With The Self Tanning Lotions In This Summer

It is well known that direct sun rays are very harmful for the skin and therefore sunless tanning is much in demand. Also it is to be noted that sun tan or tanning bed is harmful as it can cause skin cancer. Therefore people are opting for fake tanning and the best method in this area is the application of lotions. Tanning lotions give a good result but certain steps need to be followed  to achieve that great look. It is easy to use and provides flexibility. The steps are as follows:

Before Application of Lotion Exfoliate The Skin

The skin should be exfoliated few days  before the application of lotion so that the dead layers are removed from the skin and the tanning works in the most appropriate manner. Hence this will enable to get a beautiful skin. Removing the dead cells is essential to enable the tan to work.

Reasonable Time Should Be Taken

While applying the lotion it should be noted that reasonable time is taken so that the coverage and application is good. Lotions generally take a longer time so one needs to have patience. One area of the body must be taken care of step by step so that the effect is widespread. Attention must be paid to the part on which the lotion is being applied. Going slowly will provide good results.

Properly Hydrated

After the process of self tanning is done by way of applying lotion, it must be ensured that the body is properly hydrated at all times. This will enable to increase the longevity of the tan otherwise the process will fail prematurely. Less water concentration will dilute all the effect that has been gained by application

Tanning Lotion Should Never Be Applied In The Steamy Bathroom

Tanning lotion should always be applied in a room which is free from heat, sweat etc. It is because of the fact that the heat and sweat will melt and drip which will spoil the effect. Therefore to get a good look with self tanning tanning lotion, it must be ensured that the application is proper. Moreover after the shower there should be a gap of a few minutes for applying the lotion.

Apply Moisturizer Every Week

The skin needs moisture for keeping the tanning intact. Hence it is essential that after the lotion tanning, every week the moisture is applied which helps to maintain the tan. There are many parts of the body which are drier more than the other parts such as elbows, knees, ankles etc. The lotion gets soaked up in these areas and hence applying moisture here is of great significance. Application should be correct which will help to bring the desired effect of a glowing skin.

There are ample websites which give tips on how to apply the moisture in the perfect way and also gives various tips on how to maintain the tan skin which is derived by application of lotion. Lotions are the most comfortable way of attaining the tan skin and also provides a great look which can be rated as superior to other methods. Due to this its popularity and use has increased considerably

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