Best Female Perfumes That Captivate Men

Have you heard the saying ‘the journey to man’s heart is through stomach’? Yes, it’s equally true that just like delicious food, nice perfume too touches a man’s heart. My husband said that my floral perfume reminds him of his mother’s sumptuous meals.  Isn’t it amazing? Not only my husband, I have even heard from my friends that the sweet fragrance of their wives actually fascinate them and also remind them of some pleasant event.

Throw a glance at the type of perfumes that are chosen by the women to draw attention of their male counterparts.

Clean Perfumes:

Clean scents are the types of female perfumes that are mostly liked by the men. This type of natural scent spread the smell as if you have just come out from the shower. Clean perfume with soft floral notes reminds a man of the woman next door. This type of perfume is best to be used during day time and also during late night party.

Citrus Flavour:

The subtle citrus scent blends the fresh smell of a grapefruit or a lemon with that of a sweet smelling flower. This perfume is my personal favourite. It is not loud and is a real head turner. Do you want to express modernity and also create an exclusive effect? Try it out now.

Sweet Scent:

Sweet fragrance that is similar to the odour of fruits appeal to any man. It works more on subconscious level and also makes you feel relaxed as well as jovial. Some ingredients that are found in popular sweet flavoured perfumes are caramel, vanilla as well as strawberry. Especially men like the strong vanilla flavoured perfume that also provides a feeling of grace. Many men like the candy smell of the perfumes of women.

Orientals Fragrance:

This exotic perfume drives a man crazy. Don’t you think so? Some exotic flavours are very strong and fail to fascinate a man. This type of scent contains aromatic notes of cactus flower, vanilla orchid, pepper as well as blackberries.

Woody Scents:

Spicy and woody scents are sensual that catch the fancy of any man.  As the name suggests this particular type of scent spreads the smell of sandalwood. Huge amount of vetiver as well as cedar make this woody scent special. There are few woody flavoured perfumes that also consist of aromatic notes. Want to have a blast on the night party? Go for this perfume.

Green Perfumes:

Such type of perfume is used for casual and generous look. This type of fragrance has gained popularity since the middle of twentieth century. This exclusive is made from galbanum, a special natural component that is responsible for evoking the smell of fresh green grass and plants. Let me share one secret. Once I put on this perfume of Jo Malone to wow my husband!

Selecting an appropriate fragrance is just like finding out the most spectacular hairstyle or also the cutest trousers for a stunning look. It must cater to your personality. Pick up the nice perfume and earn appreciation from your beloved.

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