How To Go About Selling Mobile Phones?

The 4Ps of marketing talk about product, price, place, and promotion that are essential for closing sales. Interestingly, selling mobile phones isn’t any different. Selling, in fact, revolves around those 4Ps and the people in charge of selling phones. To illustrate it further, let’s have a look at the following points.

  • Product: Here, the product is a mobile phone. As a wholesaler or a retailer, you really have no choice of innovating it further. But, a manufacturer has.

Every product has a definite life cycle that begins with the market introduction and then, passes through the phases like market penetration, market saturation. Finally, the product sees a decline in sales unless the product is brought to life through innovations or product diversification. However, the competition aggravates the situation by disrupting the market further.

Selling of mobile phones would entail product innovation with respect to time and one should be proactive to cash the first mover’s advantage in the market or markets as a whole in the world. It is, however, important to mention that like all other tech products, mobile phones evolve fast in the worldwide market.    

  • Price: Price is a strong determinant especially when you are targeting the mass market. Having said that, we do not undermine the premium market for the same. However, customers, on the whole, are price sensitive vis-a-vis the mobile phones and their features. At the same breath, it is important to mention that unless a mobile phone is priced at a premium, the elite class of customers would give it a miss.   
  • Place: Having said this, we mean the market/s where you are taking mobile phones to sell. Before you launch a mobile phone in a market, you must decide your TG (Target Group) and where they are. There is no point of running pillar to post willing to sell mobile phones. In other words, you must identify the mobile phone markets in advance for selling.
  • Promotion: Do the promotion right for your mobile phone so that you achieve the brand salience. In other words, your TG must be able to connect with your mobile phones at the top of mind awareness while making a purchase. However, to achieve this, you need to create crisp and touchy campaigns at regular intervals. It is this endeavour that lets people know and remember about your mobile phones.
  • People: People engaged in the selling of mobile phones must be trained and knowledgeable enough to interact with customers and prospects. Your people must be committed to those mobile phones first to be able to achieve a high volume of sales.  
  • Logistics: Unless your mobile phones are available in the market, your all other efforts will go in vain. Therefore, with the increase in the size of a business establishment, it is important to develop a solid logistics support.

There are so many to explore here while selling mobile phones . On the whole, you must be market savvy to able to maintain a growth momentum while selling mobile phones in the market.

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