10 Low-Budget Wedding Flower Ideas And Arrangements

Flowers truly add a beauty to your wedding day, but they can also add a lot of your expense. There are many ways you can use flowers in a wedding. Whether it is a bridal bouquet, bridemaid’s bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, altar floral arrangements, cake decorations, pew decorations or reception décor, brides tend to spend more than thousands of dollars on the flowers alone.

But still, you can have a gorgeous wedding without spending a meltdown. Here are 10 great money saving ideas to have low budget wedding flower arrangements.

  • Order your flowers online : You can save big bucks by buying wedding flowers online from an online wholesaler, which is less expensive than your local florist. But yes, you’ll have to trim the flowers, arrange them and take care of them prior to the wedding yourself.
  • Be simplistic : Being simplistic will definitely cost less. Sometimes less is more, it may add an overall impression of your wedding. Another easy way to simplify the wedding flowers is just getting the basics done: bouquets, boutonnieres and the altar arrangements.
  • Go green : To give a simple yet elegant look to your wedding, you can use greenery instead of flowers. For this, leaves look stunning as a bouquet, especially if you have leaves from the fall branches. They are the most cheaper option too.
  • Have a small bridal party : Since big amount of your wedding flower budget will be spent on bouquets and boutonnieres, you have an option to have a smaller wedding party and cut down your flower costs. This will also save you a lot on dresses, bridal party gifts, tuxedos and some more.
  • Plan a Christmas or Easter wedding : During Christmas and Easter, churches are already decorated with beautiful flowers. So, you’ll not need spend on the flower decorations at the ceremony. Take that advantage by planning your wedding around the Christmas and Easter.
  • Be Flexible : If you are on a tight budget, you may have to compromise with your wedding flower decorations. This is true. When you are choosing the flowers, don’t be picky. If you’ve decided to buy the flowers from a local flower shop, discuss your budget with the florist and see what they have to offer. Be open to suggestions and several types of flower options.
  • Get cheaper flowers : Some flowers are cheaper than others. Flowers like Carnations and Gerber daisies are less expensive, but if you don’t find them much attractive or you’re not a big fan of either of those, still you can use them to decorate some things like altar bouquets and get a more expensive and exclusive flower for bride’s bouquet.
  • Choose In-season flowers : Just as you choose the seasonal food in your wedding catering, using in-season flowers can save you a lot of money. For example, tulips really look beautiful but they’re early spring or winter flowers. If you want to use them during off-season, their prices could be more than five times as compared to during their in-season.
  • Repurpose the bridal bouquets, use ceremony flowers in reception : If you don’t want to spend much on flowers, transfer the flowers which were set up at the ceremony to the reception destination. Plan ahead and you can use the altar displays in your reception venue. Ask the wedding planner to take the flower display to your reception hall before anyone enters in.
  • Don’t have flowers : This is another big option if you don’t really love flowers. You can use peacock feathers for boutonnieres and even wear one in hair. You can replace the flowers with candles or lanterns for the table centerpieces. This will look beautiful in an evening wedding.

So, simply get creative and you can save money and still having a gorgeous wedding without flowers.

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