Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fruits

We all have our favourite fruits. Some love delicious tropical fruits like bananas, dragon fruit, passion fruit and papaya and some love their beautiful juicy berries. Even if you’re not a fruit fan, it’s hard to look at fruits and not be amazed by nature’s bounty and what beautiful things mother earth can do for us. Some people love fruits to the extent that they can eat fruits all day all long because of the sheer  amount of variety there is.

When we talk about the beautiful things mother earth can do, we must also see how fruits are available in every colour of the rainbow. Fruits are full of minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre and a variety of other health benefits. Fruits are God’s medicines and are not only important for maintaining your health but can make the skin look young, radiant and ever glowing. This is because fruits are full of anti oxidants and can leave you feeling good.

Let us learn a few facts about fruits:

  1. The study of fruits is known as pomology.
  2. Banana is actually not a fruit, it is a herb. Since bananas are sweet, highly nutritious and very easy to digest, bananas are actually the first fruits to be given to babies.
  3. Strawberry is the only fruit amongst all fruits to have seeds outside instead of on the inside. There are more than 200 seeds in a strawberry. When fruit hampers delivered they usually contain strawberries.
  4. Different coloured fruits have different benefits. Orange fruits or the citrusy fruits are very beneficial for your eyes. The red coloured fruits aid in keeping the heart strong. Fruits that are green or unripe fruits in general, play a big role in keeping your teeth healthy and your bones strong.
  5. The most loved fruit in the world is mango and even orangutans and other apes love eating them!
  6. The darker the vegetable the more the vitamin C.
  7. Apples are 25 percent air which is why apples always stay afloat in water. Also there are more than 7000 different apples that grow all around the world.
  8. A kiwi is extremely nutritious and has more vitamin C than an orange has.
  9. Pineapples can be made riper if you put it upside down with the leafy side pressing downwards. Did you know that pineapple is actually a berry?
  10. Dried fruits although healthy, should be eaten in moderation. This is because dried fruits have more calories than fruits that are fresh. The process of making dry fruits dry, makes the fruits lose volume and water content.
  11. It will be interesting to know that brinjals are actually fruits. In the botanical world, they are known as berries.
  12. Figs are extremely healthy for you. One cup of figs will have the same amount of calcium as you will find in one cup full of milk.
  13. Tomatoes are also fruits. Tomatoes infact have more genes than humans do and are the world’s most popular fruit. However they are not something you would find in a corporate fruit basket.
  14. Apple is the best way to stay awake, even better than coffee itself.

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