The Reasons On Why People Touch A Pregnant Belly?

The feeling is great if your husband touches your pregnant belly and then mutters something sweet. Things could take a drastic turn if a stranger walks up to you and touches your pregnant belly .It seems that a genie would pop out and grant all their wishes. It would replicate a situation that people are ok with them touching your pregnant belly and it is a token with regards to appreciation of your pregnancy. Now the question is are they aware of the consequences of people touching pregnant belly. Let us get to the question on what is the big deal out here?

Why do people touch pregnant bellies?

Many reasons could be attributed to this. Some are of the opinion that pregnant women have a liking for it. In case of others they would want to feel the baby kicking or moving. Others may think it as a way of showing some form of support. In the midst of all this one thing that people tend to forget is touching any part of the body even your pregnant belly button is an unwanted invasion of privacy.

Is it ok for strangers to touch a pregnant belly?

If you are ok with it then there is no problem. You can proceed and enjoy the pampering associated with it. As long as you are ok, it is obvious that there is no harm in allowing people in feeling your pregnant belly.

On the other side of the coin, if you are not comfortable with it, you have every right in the world to say no.  People need to consider the fact that you do not become a public property when you are pregnant.

The steps you can adopt from people allowing you to touch the pregnant belly?

There is no full proof guarantee that people can touch your pregnant belly. There are some suggestions which pregnant women could go on to adopt

  • Keep watch- when you are even in a public area, make it a point that you do keep watch. If someone is smiling at you and about to touch your pregnant belly then shy away. In a public space it is much better to move away rather than being rude to a stranger
  • Guard- if both the hands are kept on the belly, a stranger will have no place to touch. This is at that point where a stranger is about to walk up to you. If you do keep your hands down then the stranger does get an opportunity
  • A firm no-the pregnancy is all about you and the baby. There is no one in this world who can enjoy touching your belly and enjoy at your expense. You can tell them a firm no in the assumption that you are not comfortable with it. If they still insist to do so then take a step back and explain to them that a no is a no.

The above steps will prevent strangers from touching your belly. Each person body is his/her personal identity and it depends on each individual who they want to enter in their personal space.

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