Professional Clearance Services For Domestic Households

People shifting into new homes often require the services of professional clearance experts for disposing off all the unwanted items that have accumulated in the house over the years. Houses cluttered with lots of unwanted items gathering dust also require clearance from time to time. It is not easy for amateurs to dispose off the items properly. This is the reason why professional clearance services need to be hired for the job. People living in the county town of Essex have many agencies offering house clearance in essex at their disposal. These agencies offer everything from removal of single items to full clearances of the properties.  

What all are covered?

The cleaning services are available for bungalows, flats, cottages and other kinds of domestic properties. The cleaning agencies also offer loft clearance. The customers can opt for both part as well as full house clearance.

Apart from house clearances, the agencies also offer through clearance of garages, outbuildings, sheds and all kinds of rubbish from the house. Clearance services for a single item are also available without any problem.

Items removed

The agencies dealing with house clearance in essex clear out all the unwanted items. In case of antique items, the agencies get them valued for the customers and deduct the amount from the cost of the service. If any item of value is found during clearance such as old photographs, then it is passed on to the customer. Many clearance agencies also include old motor vehicles such as cars or vans in their service portfolio. Thus, people living in Essex who want to get rid of their old vehicles can use the services of such clearance agencies.

Furniture clearance also features among the services offered by the clearance agencies. People upgrading their living room or any other room usually require the clearance of old furniture pieces. Furniture pieces include tables, armchairs and chairs, sofas and wardrobes.

The clearance operations

The items are carefully packed in boxes and crates for removal. The areas are cleaned thoroughly after the items are removed. Many agencies also offer deep cleaning services to eliminate dirt built-up over the years due to the cluttered items. Fully closed vehicles are used by the agencies to transport the items to protect the privacy of the customers.

What is done with the items?

As much as 70-80% of the items removed by the agencies offering house clearance in essex are recycled for use again in their recycling centres. Many agencies also distribute undamaged items among the local charities. The general aim of the agencies is to minimise wastage of items.

The clearance agencies are fully insured against damages and carry appropriate licenses to carry out the clearance operations. The staff members of the cleaning agencies are also required to sign confidentiality agreements in order to prevent them from disclosing the details of the items that they remove to someone else who is not a part of the agency.

Probatory clearance services are also offered many agencies on behalf of solicitors, local authorities and companies.

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